dreamstime_m_54788853Based on the Good Vibrations Guide Series. The G-Spot has long been regarded as one of a woman’s most mysterious, elusive and sought-after pleasure zones.

This program will cover:

  • Female Pleasure Anatomy
  • How to find the G-spot
  • How to enhance and stimulate your G-spot
  • How to strengthen your G-spot for Playtime
  • Types of Orgasms
  • Toys, Tips and Positions to maximize G-spot pleasure
  • How to let your partner in on the G-spot secret
  • Female Ejaculation

We’ll debunk myths surrounding female ejaculation (otherwise known as “Squirking”) as well as tips and techniques to stimulate female ejaculation.

For private coaching in the pleasures of female sexual arousal, contact Stacey below.

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