• Stepping into the Past to Gain Freedom Toward the Future
  • Synchronicities and Karmic Closure
  • Farewell to My Father and His Ascension
  • What My Dad Asked…
  • A Spiritual Experience That Has Changed My Life
  • My Good-bye to Jamaica

I went to Jamaica because my grand uncle passed away at 104. He lived a long, long life. And he was like a grandfather to me. But little did I know, I was also going to have an experience with my dad.  

My dad was born in Jamaica. This was his home land, his home country. And it also is part of my ancestry. But to really communicate the gravity of the experience I had, let me set it up for you first.

I follow a spiritual tradition that reveres the Ancestors. This is in alignment with indigenous spiritual beliefs, with African spiritual beliefs. And ancestor reverence is very, very large and big in my life and those in my lineage.

This goes all the way back to the continent (Africa).

The week I was leaving for Jamaica, I was listening to my astrology mentor. She was specifically talking about how Jupiter, the planet of abundance, the planet of giving, the planet of big opportunities, had just switched into its new clothing, I guess you would say, and put on its new Gemini suit. This happened at the end of May.  When I was listening to the special horoscope, of Jupiter in Gemini, as it pertained to Libra, one of the things my mentor, Nadiya Shah, mentioned was right out of the gate, you may experience long distance travel that may entail karmic closure. This was the main message I took from it about two days before leaving for Jamaica.

So, here I am now in Jamaica, and the funeral has occurred. To take a break from everything, the Tuesday before leaving for the States – my mom, cousin, and I went on a coffee tour in the Blue Mountains.  If you didn’t know, Jamaica is also known the world over for its coffee.

The three of us were on the tour listening to a very riveting history about coffee. As I was sitting there, all of a sudden, the hematite ring (<<complete guide from Yale) I’ve worn for years broke! Hematite is a stone that’s very good for absorbing negative energy and transmuting it into positive energy. Hematite is also a wonderful grounding material.

Karmic Closure

So yes, as I was sitting there, my hematite ring broke in three pieces. I was just sitting there!  But that wasn’t the only thing that broke, my nose ring also broke when we were at the coffee estate.

I found this extremely ironic and talk about synchronicities.

I chose not to throw out the hematite pieces.  I put them in my purse.

When we got back to the hotel, I Googled, “what does a hematite ring breaking mean?” And this is what I learned – When a hematite ring breaks, it can break in two or three pieces, and when that occurs, it means the ring has absorbed all of the negative energy it can possibly absorb, and that its job of protecting you, shielding you from the negative energy, is complete. It also indicates that a closure has come. It’s done its job and so you no longer need it.”  When I read that, I remembered what I learned from the astrology about Jupiter moving into Gemini and karmic closure. This occurred on a Tuesday.

Now let’s go to the next day, the Wednesday before coming back to the States. It was Wednesday night and I went out to the hotel parking lot to get some fresh air. The parking lot is surrounded by these beautiful flowers so I went over to smell their divine fragrance.

I decided to look up to the sky and take in the stars.

When I looked up, I could feel my dad’s presence very deeply and clearly.  In that moment, I knew it was time for me to say goodbye.  With the ring breaking, and the astrology message I received, I just felt it was time to finally say goodbye to my dad.  

After I said “Good-bye”, I actually saw my dad before me, his face appeared. He was floating and hovering before me.  He was engulfed in this beautiful blue iridescent light. My dad’s essence was a little bit transparent. He was floating in front of me and gleaming and glowing in this blue light.  The shape of it looked very similar to the urn I got him – his favorite color is blue.  There was also a glowing pink (light) at the top of what was engulfing him.  The pink almost looked like flickering flames, but it wasn’t hot, he wasn’t burning.  It was beautifully illuminating him.

As I was looking at my dad in this beautiful blue iridescent light, this is what he said to me.  It was only one thing, he asked. “Can you please forgive me? Can you please forgive me?”

In that moment, I knew my dad was waiting for my forgiveness in order for him to ascend and go on to his next journey. This is the last thing he was waiting for. I knew this clear as day because after my dad made his transition, my dad’s priest shared this with me. My dad told him, “Of all his children, Stacey never did anything to deserve the way I treated her. Of all my kids, I hope she can forgive me one day.”

The priest asked whether my dad ever spoke to me about that. And I said, no. So here I am in Jamaica, saying goodbye to my dad, and forgiveness is what he asked for.

Tears were in my eyes.  I said to my dad, “Yes, I forgive you completely. I love you.”

And before his face was completely gone, I said to my dad, “the part of you who wants to be happy is welcome to stay and visit with me whenever you would like”. That’s when he looked at me directly in the eyes and smiled.

I could feel that my dad was free, that he felt no pain. All the things that kept him feeling as if he was in bondage, feeling as if he was in pain or captive, were all gone now. All I could feel was his utter peace. And then his face faded completely and a bright white light shot up into the sky.

It almost looked like Star Trek or Star Wars seeing a beam of light shoot up into the sky.

I was just standing there in utter shock and amazement because, I’ve had visions, but primarily when I’m in meditation.   I’ve never had one (until now) when I was fully awake, fully conscious with my eyes wide open in public, outside. This was a first for me, and it was massively intense.

I saw his soul (in that white light) just shoot up into the Heavens.

The Six Realms & The Cycle of Rebirth

From this experience, I clearly knew there is another side. I also saw that depending on where your soul wants to go, or deserves to go, it will go up or it can go down.  I said to myself, “Oh my word, the six realms of Tibetan Buddhism (Stacey’s Teacher), does exist.  When I saw my dad’s soul shoot up, I knew he was going to another realm, one of the three upper realms.  There are three upper realms and three lower realms in Tibetan Buddhism. And I know he was going to one of those other upper realms that night.  I knew deep down inside, this is real. And so, my conviction in Spirit, my conviction in my Ancestors, all deepened intensely while I was in Jamaica.

I could also feel in that moment, how truly sorry my dad was for everything he had done on this earth. And knowing the happy part of him is what will stay (if he chooses).

My hematite ring breaking in three pieces the day before was the first indication that a karmic closing is underway. I was given the divine gift from Spirit, from my Ancestors, and from my Guides to see and experience my dad ascend to another dimension.

When I went back to the room, I was shaken up and my mom knew something happened.  I told her the story. I told her of the experience I had. And then my mom said this, “Your dad was Jamaica, this was his land. Jamaica was his heart and his soul. He could not transition in Jamaica. He was in the States, but he was waiting for you to get to Jamaica so he could get your forgiveness, so he could move on from his motherland. That’s why the Ancestors wanted you to come to Jamaica. Not only was it to say goodbye to your uncle Percy, but it was to see your dad ascend, to share that forgiveness with him, and now he can move on.

I was balling in uncontrollable sobbing and tears like I’ve never experienced.  The gravity of letting go of the story of pain was no more, and both my dad and I are FREE!  The karmic entanglement is complete.

Forgiveness is both for you and the other person, whether you see them in person, whether you tell it to them in person, it doesn’t matter because the forgiveness is there in spirit.  It allows your mind and heart to be free.

That is what freedom is.

That is what independence is.

So, on Thursday, the day before leaving to return to the States, I said to my mom, we have to go back to the ancestral home.  This home has been in our family (in Jamaica) for over 60 years. I had to go back to gather ancestral earth from the house since it has our family’s energy embedded in it.

When I got there, I sat underneath the mango tree that’s been on the property for an extremely long time. And mango trees have specific significance in African spirituality, especially for slaves that came across during the passage. When they were taken from their home. So, it’s no coincidence or surprise there’s a mango tree on our property.  I sat and there were three mangoes that had fallen from the tree. I had taken those three mangoes – one to represent my great-grandmother, Mama Maud, who passed at 102.

Ancestral home in Kingston Jamaica and the Beloved Mango Tree

I was so blessed to have known her.

The second mango was for her son, my grand uncle Percy, who transitioned at 104.

And the third mango was for my dad.

Three generations who lived in that house. And now they were all together again on the other side.

Going to Kingston, Jamaica was such a profound healing experience.

I was glad (and honored) to share that experience with my mom, as well as my cousin.

Now my Ancestors wanted me to bring items back from Jamaica, which I did. Not only physical things, but deep emotional as well as mental things because forgiveness is of the mind and the heart.

I received a massive understanding of how spirit works and operates in my life.

It (Spirit) operates differently for different people, but I can only share the experience of how it operates in my life. And this was my experience of my dad’s ascension to heaven.

This is what true liberation and freedom is, and what independence is.  Allow that to ring deep within your heart, and embrace this beauty within your life.

2 Comments on I Saw My Dad Ascend to Heaven

  1. carmela koren rotter
    July 7, 2024 at 11:01 AM (2 weeks ago)

    So beautiful !!! What an experience !And you have expressed it in words, actually drawing a sequence of pictures.I’m tearing as the chills are runnong all over me…Such deep sacred holy moments…A lot to take in I’m floded with emotuins,triggered, my mind is scattered… Appreciation, gratitude and much love to you for sharing this uniquely private episode. Your awareness to the vibration, you following and colaberating with spirit, allowed it to come forward and fully play the strings of your soul, of your core ancestral being…. demonstrating humans real escence spiritual beings living a physical life… Impossible now to touch on all the points you have raised in this sharing. Be Blessed . P.S. the look of your news letter is so bright and pleasant, enviting… Carmela, Israel

    • Stacey Murphy
      July 12, 2024 at 9:06 PM (1 week ago)

      Hi Carmela…your words warm my soul. The words you share also confirm why I do what I love and that is a blessing. The journey I’ve been on since 2022, where I uprooted my life, has been quite profound and that’s what you hear in my words. You will hear more for this is the energy where sacred love, trust and joy reside. All leading to juicy love…Ase & And So It Is