dreamstime_m_36124690Whether you’re single, dating or with your Beloved, you’re going to learn how seducing the Male Love Wand (genitalia) can increase your own sexual response, and take your Beloved to another realm of existence.

This program is for:

  • Women who want to become comfortable with the art of oral pleasure
  • Women who want to enhance their current sensual skills
  • Women who want to transform their new found liberation to release blocked energy in other areas of their lives

As a Sensual Artist, mastering the Oral Arts is a skill in male pleasure.

This program will cover:

  • Male Pleasure Anatomy
  • Lubrication Round Up
  • Oral Sexercise Techniques
  • Learn at least 7-10 Oral Techniques
    • Including “Deep Throating” and How to Avoid The Gag Reflex
  • Learn at least 7-10 Hand Techniques
  • Learn to incorporate Rocket Boosters (come to class & find out what they are)
    • Including the “Boob Job”
  • Intimacy Enhancements
  • Open discussion with Q&A

For private instruction in the Art of Oral Pleasure, contact Stacey below.

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