Welcome to my blissful home! A place where you’ll find the coaching and inspiration of Stacey Murphy, Certified Intimacy Coach and Erotic Education Director of Blissful Lotus School of Loving Arts.

People often wonder how I got into the field of “Intimacy”. Several years ago, I realized the gift I had at the young age of 15, giving my classmates dating advice (even though I didn’t have a boyfriend), would come full circle in my 40s as a passion to empower women, men and couples to create a life of blissful intimacy.

As a student of the Science of Mind, in my own quest to manifest a conscious relationship, I saw there were many women, fellow Goddesses, who were hungry to experience more intimacy and sensual joy. But they felt captive by their own thoughts and the stereotypical burdens society places on us Goddesses who choose to embrace their sensual voice. So I embarked on my Tantric journey in 2007 to heal this aspect of myself and became a Level 2 Initiate in Ipsalu Tantra. To help fund my sensual endeavor, I started selling romance enhancement products at home parties and quickly learned women were hungry for information on how to transform and heal the lack of intimacy and fulfillment in their lives. Selling product became secondary and erotic education was my primary focus. Yet another quest began in 2008, where I received my Master Sex Expert Certification from Loveology University in 2011.

From this, Blissful Lotus School of Loving Arts was born.

In the spirit of love and intimacy, I invite seekers of bliss to follow the path of love and embody the Sensual Being in You. I created an educational resource where intimacy and relationships are an art form and you are the Sensual Artist. I ask you to envision yourself crafting a masterpiece; for this is a path of self-discovery starting with loving yourself, this is the first tool of the Sensual Artist. I emphasize that self-love and self-nurturing is necessary to truly love another.

I am your guide, mentor and coach offering private sessions and workshops with an approach to relationships and intimacy that is educational and fun, encouraging women, men and couples to be the Master Artist in this journey of Intimate Play.

I also specialize in guiding individuals and couples who want to explore an “Alternative Relationship”; this would include married couples who choose to live apart, an Open Relationship/Marriage, Polyamory, Swinging or the BDSM Lifestyle. There are many relationship styles, so if you explore them with a consensual understanding, openly and honestly, they’re all valid.

It’s time to celebrate your whole being that is sensual, empowered and loving.

The Reason I Became A Helping Professional

Being held captive myself and having the desire to raise my daughter with a positive self-image and sexual knowledge, I went on my journey to spread the “sex-positive” concept in my community.

I’m proud to be part of this dynamic movement by helping women (and their partners) explore sexual solutions and intimacy enhancement in their everyday relationships.  Through education and a commitment to demystifying the secrecy surrounding intimacy, my passion is to promote a healthy & healing dialogue of wholeness and respect.

For too long, we’ve been afraid to openly talk and ask questions about a basic need; a need the medical community is finally starting to acknowledge is part of a healthy, fulfilling life…sexual joy and intimacy.