CEC_0764His body quivered as I slid my hand down his leg to feel his bulge of excitement, his pulse racing at the very thought of what I would do…

This Program is For:

  • People who want to learn how to use their mouth & tongue to communicate erotically
  • People who want to elevate their sexual relationship
  • People who want to add variety and spice in their relationship with the use of erotic language and fantasy creation
  • People who want to enhance their current linguistic skills

The Program Will Cover:

  • Different Types of Erotic Talk:
    • Erotic Fiction | Sexting | Erotic Dialogue | Erotic Talk Seduction Games
  • Benefits of Erotic Talk & Fantasies
  • 5 Reasons to Talk Erotically & How It Can Restore Your Sex Life
  • Formula for Creating Erotastic Talk
  • “The Voice Says It All”: Understand Your Tone, Inflections and Pace
  • Learn the Sensual Talk Technique (Sight, Sound, Taste, Touch, Smell)
  • Fantasy Fundamentals
    • Baking Female Fantasies
    • Building Male Fantasies
  • Create Your Own Fantasy Island

To perfect this skill in my “Sex Kitten Mastery” Program. Contact me below and we’ll chat about it…wink…wink…

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