dreamstime_m_54379923This playshop is for:

  • Women & couples who want to become comfortable with the art of “Booty Pleasure”
  • Women & couples who want to enhance their current sensual skills
  • Women & couples who want to learn more about why “Booty Pleasure” is one of the fastest growing pleasure seeking experiences between Heterosexual couples.

This playshop will cover:

  • Anal Pleasure Myths, Taboos and the true “Reality”
  • Booty Pleasure for Women & Men
  • Cleansing, Cautions, Safe Play
  • Lubrication
  • Fingering, Anal Massage, Prostate Massage
  • Anilingus
  • Booty Pleasure Techniques, Toys & Positions
  • Open discussion with Q&A

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