Recently, I was celebrating my independence when the surgeon lifted the restrictions from my 7-month recovery.  During my health journey, I was experiencing a range of emotions both challenging and rewarding.  I’ll be honest, I was smacked in the face with a lot of fear because I knew I had to make some serious changes in my life.  If I didn’t realize this after the first surgery, the second surgery was my “Coming to Jesus Moment“.

I’m not immune from fear, resistance and doubt.

When the surgeon told me, you need another surgery, my mind was swirling.  Just when I thought I could move forward from the first surgery, BAM!  Like a brick wall, I was stopped dead in my tracks. I felt as if I got yanked back in a very mean-spirited way.   And yes, even with insurance I was calculating the cost in my head.

I was also told, “You can’t drive, exercise or have sex for 3 months.  While we’re on the subject, you won’t be able to sleep in a bed and it’ll be hard for you to sit in a regular chair for several weeks/months.” I thought to myself, “What the hell can I do?”

Darling, to mentally and emotionally survive this, I said to myself, “I can’t focus on what I can’t do, I can’t focus on the medical bill, if I do, this will be a miserable 3 months.”  I mentally psyched myself up, by telling myself, “Well girl, the Universe is giving you the chance to learn how to do things differently.”  So instead of being resistant to change, I put my Wonder Woman panties on.  I decided to embrace my circumstances by loving myself successfully through the change.

I decided not to take the change personally, by asking, “Why me?”  Instead, I truly believed this change was being done FOR ME vs too me.  It forced me to rethink how I was doing things in my life.

When the winds of change come knocking at the door,
you either resist it (remain stuck) or
you answer the door (to evolve and grow).

I’ve said many times, I want to work smarter not harder.  For years I’ve wanted to get my passive income stream completed.  Yet, something else always seemed to take priority.  Can you relate?  But now, I was FORCED to make a change.  With all the restrictions, I HAD to work smarter vs harder.  Since I was more on my back and wasn’t able to maintain my teaching/speaking schedule, I HAD to get my passive income stream up and running.

When we don’t voluntarily make the changes we know we should, the Universe will find a way to make it happen and many times not in a gentle way.  This is what WE do to ourselves.  It’s not someone else’s fault.

When you have no choice but to deal with change, yet you have a lot of fear and resistance, here are 3 ways to navigate the terrain:

  • Think of change as a new adventure of discovery.  In this case, self-discovery to see what you truly need (and want) in your life.  Many of us are on autopilot.  We have the same routine day in and day out.  We could literally do it with our eyes closed.  Where is the joy in that?  Shake things up, so you can experience something NEW.
    • I couldn’t drive, so I took public transportation and my friends were great to carpool with.
    • I had to stop kickboxing (still can’t go), so I became an avid walker.
    • With the limited mobility, I “asked” people to come to me vs always offering to go to other people.
  • Surprise yourself! Every day, I said to myself, “You’re learning something new and you may like these new habits better.
    • To my surprise, I DID like the new habits better. By default, I no longer hop in my car to get around.  Now I say, “Depending on the distance, I’ll just walk”.
    • I was surprised by the weight loss, so it gave me extra motivation to focus on my eating and body strengthening.  So now I do core exercises every day, which I only did sporadically in the past.
  • See change as your Friend vs Foe. Whatever the change is, it’s forcing you to claim the life you want.  You have no excuse now.  As people, we say we want to achieve, or we want to have this or that, but many of us are resistant to making the changes in our lives required to get it. This blocks us from having an irresistible life.
So Sweet One, EMBRACE the change occurring in your life because at the end of the day you’ll be loving yourself (and life) a whole lot more!

Now you have a chance to stand in your power by scheduling some time for us to chat. If you want to learn how to successfully navigate change, so you can uplevel your life, let’s chat.


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