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FREE Training! The Secret to Having it ALL: How to BE the Unstoppable Woman at Work and the Irresistible Woman in Your Love Life

This month, Stacey has teamed up with the LOVE TWINS, Gladys Diaz & Michelle Roza of Heart's Desire International. Together we plan to share what every woman deep down inside wonders how to achieve and balance - a thriving career AND fulfilling relationships. Wonder NO MORE! We plan to share some ninja tips so you can finally have it all in both life and love...

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Tuesday, August 27th @ 7pm ET | 4pm PT

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This Training Starts In

  • How you can have BOTH a thriving career and amazing relationships without sacrificing one for the other.
  • The unique challenges successful, professional woman have when it comes to love and relationships, and how to overcome them! 
  • How to transition from the Unstoppable Woman to the Irresistible Woman so you are simply irresistible to everyone -- especially men!
  • How to tap into and unleash your Irresistible Essence to manifest the love, life, and prosperity your heart desires
  • How to leverage your charisma so you can be a Rockstar in your career or business
  • How to leverage your natural and authentic seductive essence to be a Love Goddess in your love life.
  • How to make friends with your sexual expression to increase your money -making ability AND take your man to the moon and back.
  • AND, we will have a sassy live Q&A at the end of the training to answer your juicy questions!

I’m excited to share the wisdom of the Love Twins, Gladys & Michelle, in this month’s “Vixen Mastermind Training”. 

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"Before working with Stacey, my self-confidence was very low and I was very much in my masculine energy. I was struggling with my work life and love life not understanding why I could not attract a quality man or get ahead in my career. I was making the same mistakes in life and love. Since working with Stacey, I embraced my feminine, finally owned my worth and manifested a new job which was a 25,000 pay raise, I was able to buy a home and this all lead to an amazing relationship. I'm happy to say, we're still going strong years later.” - Jennifer Walker, Atlanta GA, USA