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FREE Training: Love Yourself Successful!

This month, Stacey has teamed up guest expert, Katrina Sawa, Business Coach. Together we plan to share how your love life has the capacity to increase the success in your career or business with the potential for huge monetary gains whether you realize it or not!!

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Access Granted On: Tuesday, July 23rd

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  • Learn the 4 types of Love that affect the success of your career or business. 
  • Learn the connection between sex and money as it purtains to your career/business success.
  • Learn why it’s important to devote a certain amount of time in developing and nurturing the 4 types of love
  • Learn how to prioritize aspects of your career in order to give time enjoying more love all around (aka "Work/Life Balance"). 
  • Learn Katrina's 7 Step Love & Money System to transform your life and your career/business.
  • Learn to identify the fear and ego-based thinking that stop you dead in your tracks from pursuing your dreams.
  • Learn how to pursue your true dreams and desires to create your happiest and most successful life. 
  • This is a recorded training. Access granted on July 23rd!

I’m excited to share the wisdom of Business Coach, Katrina Sawa, in this month’s “Vixen Mastermind Training”. 

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