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Stacey Murphy & Angela Van De Riet


Stacey and Angela invite you to go on an irresistible journey of self-love, self-discovery and self-joy as they teach you how to rock your FEMININE POWER so you can have a joyful and IRRESISTIBLE LIFE. This can open many doors of opportunity in BOTH Life and Love! This power works from the inside - out!

Friday, August 16th at Strides Wellness & Spa 550 Hwy #2 Elmsdale, Nova Scotia CN B2S 1A3

Saturday, August 17th at 221 Mill Village Rd Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia

  • Learn how to create and live an irresistible life you love.
  • Learn how to make your life your own vs living for everyone else.
  • Learn the 7 steps to a powerful presence to authentically connect, inspire and influence. 
  • Learn which elements of your image and presence truly affect your success
  • Learn how to positively shine and be seen in work as well as in play.
  • Learn how charisma has the power to transform you into a confident leader, increasing your influence and income potential, all coming from your FEMININE vs your masculine, then 
  • Learn how seduction has the power to transform you into an enchanting lover at night so you can rock your relationship.  
  • Learn how to bring it all together for true BALANCE in life and love.

Stacey will offer One-on-One Sessions allowing you to immediately receive a roadmap to put your IRRESISTIBLE plan into action. There will be a limited number of spots available.

You can stop feeling you have to sacrifice your relationships for your career or vice-versa. You can have the life you want if you take empowered ACTION.

"Before working with Stacey, my self-confidence was very low and I was very much in my masculine energy. I was struggling with my work life and love life not understanding why I could not attract a quality man or get ahead in my career. I was making the same mistakes in life and love. Since working with Stacey, I embraced my feminine, finally owned my worth and manifested a new job which was a 25,000 pay raise, I was able to buy a home and this all lead to an amazing relationship. I'm happy to say, we're still going strong years later.” 

- Jennifer Walker, Atlanta GA, USA

"Angela has an incredible talent for getting to the bottom of things! Limiting beliefs we tell ourselves can fuel a lot of confusion, frustration and are a complete waste of energy! I completed Angela's 'Renew YOU, Love your life! Commit to yourself & your life' program. Angela helped me to release old habits that weren't beneficial to me and create new habits that helped to create a clear vision for my life. She has taught me about creating balance in my life by being aware of where my energy is focused, what she calls an 'exchange of energy'. SO good!” 

- Meghan, Canada 

Now it's your turn to receive what you deeply desire in Life and Love!

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When you register, you'll receive a BONUS training from Stacey where she'll share how you can start to be a priority in your own life. Be there for yourself, as you've been there for others. 

This is essential in order to have a life you love! This comes from a place of self-care and self-love! 

You don't have to do things alone. This is the first step in having an "Irresistible Life" - when you make yourself a priority, you signal to the Universe and to others you're worth having a life you LOVE!

  • You will get unstuck
  • You will start to live your best life
  • No more sacrifice at your expense 
  • Authentically connect, influence and inspire 
  • Today is the day you take your life back! 
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Stacey teaches professional women how to maximize their income potential by being more impactful and influence leaders. THEN, Stacey teaches you how to be a captivating lover so you can rock your relationships!

Angela is a CCF and ICF certified Life coach and creator of Engaged Living. She helps people dealing with significant life and career transitions, as well as those feeling overwhelmed and needing to re-evaluate their life's path.