In week 1, we focused on her outside beauty, so in week 2, we got the paint brushes out and turned our attention to adding some sugar and spice to the Tiny Vixen infusing her with color to bring out her personality – her inner beauty. 

With intention, I’ve designed the Tiny Vixen to only surround myself with what I love. This makes it much easier to turn dreams into reality.  You’re attuning your home to work with you vs against you. 

Whether you realize it or not, all structures have an energy frequency (like a cellphone tower), and this includes your home.  You determine the frequency. When you give it no thought, you’re living by default.  This is the land of survival putting out fires.  But with clear intention, you’re living by design which is thriving and this is the place where dreams are made.

You CAN turn your dreams into reality. And I hope by sharing my story, you find inspiration to live a life of meaning and joy.

So to start adding sugar and spice to the Tiny Vixen, I chose all of her colors intentionally.  The persona of the Tiny Vixen is in alignment with my Love Goddess Persona (aka Secret Agent Identity) – this creates harmony.

As you’ll start to see, the base colors/metal in the Tiny Vixen are Black, warm White, warm Wood tones, and GoldThese are classic colors that can withstand the test of time.  I chose this base because I have a lot of art that’s very colorful, so I want to highlight the art vs compete with it.

Let’s take a first look at my boudoir.  To inspire love and romance, my bedroom has the vibe of opulence, dripping with rich jewel colors and tones. I want it to feel and look luxurious – ripe for love, passion, and play.

The main colors in my boudoir are Emerald Green and Pink.  These colors resonate with the Heart Chakra (Unconditional Love).  Along with accents of gold which are attuned to the African Love Goddess, Oshun. The area I showcase below will be my “Love Altar”!

The walls of this bay dresser will be filled with art symbolizing love, romance, and passion. The windows were painted GOLD turning them into picture frames to honor the nature I’ll see each day.

For my home, I’m focusing on colors that ignite creativity, colors that foster peace and spiritual growth, and colors that generate prosperity. This is all with the intention to remain in a state of ease, flow, and grace.  This is something my nomad journey taught me well. This is part of what I teach the ladies in Love Goddess Mastery called Mystic Design. << click here to take a peak

The concept of “home” took on a whole new meaning for me because, for the past 18 months, I didn’t have my own place.  I was a digital nomad bouncing from one stay to the next. 

I realized being a digital nomad was voluntary homelessness.  It was a choice. 

Social media paints it to be this grand adventure, and it most definitely is that. But there’s also a dark side that’s rarely talked about.  I guess if they did, these Influencers wouldn’t get sponsors.  Since that’s not my case, I can tell you the truth.

I started in a stable place for the first 6 months, but I’ve had to play the hot potato housing game for 12 months which has been eye-opening, heart-expanding, and exhausting at the same time.  Not having my own home showed me how important home is to your health, well-being, and prosperity, and to never take it for granted.

Being a nomad, I’ve met people from all over the world; and I’ve also had to witness the pain and suffering of the homeless.  Those that didn’t choose it voluntarily.  It’s truly heart-wrenching. 

Seeing the homeless on a daily basis, like when I was back in NYC, gave me the motivation to live where I want, and how I want, without having the need to explain or justify anything. This is true liberation.

My personal backyard trail

Your home should be more than a place where you lay your head.  Your home is your anchor.  When the world around you is swirling, your home is your safe place to retreat from the pressures of the day.  Or, as they say in Buddhism, a place of “refuge”. 

Your home is a place of creativity and inspiration.  How are you claiming this for yourself?

Your home is a place of passion and experimentation.  Are you being adventurous in life?

Your home is your headquarters where you’re able to think big, plan for big moments, and go after your dreams.  Are you taking steps to live your dream(s)?

To set the tone for myself and others, the outside of my home is blue, black, and white.

  • Blue is a place of peace, calm, intuition, clear communication, and speaking from the heart. 
  • Black and White represent Yin & Yang energy and the balance we strive for in life.  It also represents feminine and masculine energy that is welcomed in my home.
  • The style is distinctly “Craftsman”…classic!

This is Mystic Design!

Have you ever heard the saying, “How you keep your car is an indication of how you keep your home.  And how you keep your home is an indication of how your life is”?  It tells the world what (and how) you think of yourself. 

For example, if a person’s home is plain and bland, lacking any personality, many times that person is boring as a stump. If the home is over-the-top and ostentatious, that person may be overbearing.  If the home is filled with clutter and hoarding, many times the person is stuck in life.  If the home looks like a museum and you’re afraid to touch anything, that person may be a control freak.

My nomad journey really put this into focus for me.  This is why I’m infusing The Tiny Vixen with the 3 pillars of feminine leadership – love, passion, and prosperity because this dream is just taking off as the next chapter is being written. 

I’m curating my life and making my dreams come true. I hope I can be an inspiration for you to do the same.  I have all the time in the world for my dreams but no time for fantasies.

I don’t know all the details and I’m good with that. 

My nomad journey has taught me how liberating it is not to be fixated on the end result. 

Having an intention or aspiration is very different than dictating how you want the end result to look.  This fixation is controlling behavior in disguise which leads to anxiety and worry.  And dictating events is a “dream killer” because you’ve taken yourself out of the flow of possibilities.

There were so many occasions where I had to pivot that I didn’t have time to get fixated – what was the point since something was going to change anyway.  Now, my brain doesn’t get fixated but rather excited by the many possibilities that can appear. Being attached to nothing, I’m able to appreciate all the little miracles that occur almost daily. Some call this surrender, others may call it faith.  I call it purely divine.

What are your dreams?  Have you set up your life to support them?

I can honestly say, I AM living my dream, literally.  It’s a wonderful feeling that doesn’t end here.

Like a kid in a candy store, I’m excited to see what unfolds.

Peace and Love, Stacey

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