I know when you read that title, you may have been intrigued as well as a bit perturbed at the same time.  Yes, there’s a secret all seductive women have that you should want, so if you were triggered by the title, stop being a hater and learn what they know because you have the same power within you.  Most seductive women weren’t born that way, they learned and cultivated the unique gift of their Feminine Power.
14Have you ever wondered, what does it take to be a sexy, confident and passionate woman who takes the world by storm and proudly proclaims her lusciousness with no apologies?  You’re not trying to be arrogant or compete for the next reality TV show.  I’m talking about – walking with your head held high, confident, and authentic – with all eyes are on you.  Not because of how you “look”.   But rather, people are captivated by your quiet confidence – your womanly grace – your feminine power!
Aren’t you tired of turning around and seeing other women exude a confident radiance and you really, really, really want that for yourself.  But all these gremlins, judgments, fears and crazy-making behavior snuff you out cold.

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Simply put, your sexy self-confidence is anchored in your Feminine Power.  As a woman, this means you love all of your womanly traits, your womanly behaviors and your womanly feelings.

This is the realization that you’re a sensual, alluring and deeply passionate woman. You don’t see these things as liabilities, but rather as juicy assets.  Why? This is how you naturally are as a woman and many of us have forgotten that.  This is self-love vs. self-hatred.  It’s accepting vs. living in a state of constant denial.  Let’s face it, the denial thing can be extremely exhausting, frustrating and resentful.  This is the very thing that robs so many women of their juicy joy.
Here’s the million dollar question. How can you step into your luscious feminine power, so you can feel sexy, captivating and exude charismatic charm?  It would be to embrace the power of Vulnerability.  Yes, I said the “V” word.  Don’t panic, take a deep breath and stay with me for a moment.
When anyone first hears the word vulnerability, they get scared shitless.  Feelings of being exposed, not wanting to be perceived as being weak and having the fear of being taken advantage of, all come to the surface.  I get you – I’ve been there myself and there are always new mountains to scale.

The biggest gift vulnerability can give you is the ability to be genuine and show your humanness. – Stacey Murphy

Women who are charismatic and seductive have the courage to be vulnerable since it’s coming from a place of strength and not weakness.  Think of it this way.  When a person exposes a genuine aspect of themselves, and they show their vulnerable side, how does that make you feel?  Many times you’re drawn closer to them.  This is the skill an Enchantress has.  And let’s be clear, vulnerability isn’t being an emotional basket-case – that’s just sabotaging behavior gone wild.

So here are 5 ways you can embrace the Power of Vulnerability, which allow you to confidently step into your feminine power, so you can shine with grace and pride:

  • Be Brave! Expose parts of your personality which show your authenticity.  An artificial, shallow shell may receive an initial spark, but it will quickly fizzle without substance and depth.  As an alluring woman, people will gravitate to you because you are “real”!
  • Be Bold! Release the need to control.  Honor the emotions in your heart and validate those of others.  To seduce isn’t to control but to earn trust.  The Seductress charms with a delicate hand vs a firm fist. Think of the phrase, “speak softly and carry a big stick”.
  • Be Courageous! Cast off any remnants of shame or guilt.  By freeing yourself of these heavy boulders, your seductive energy has room to soar.
  • Be Real! Ask for help and do things without expectation or guarantee.  Seduction is give and take.  It’s the reciprocal nature of the Universe.  Asking for help demonstrates your wisdom and you empower others to be of service to you.
  • Be Open! Intuitively, you’ll know when to drop your guard and let other’s into your world.  When you let others in, they in turn will let you into their world.
Here’s my coaches challenge
Over the next 5 days, to raise your charismatic vibration, I invite you to embrace 1 of the 5 attributes each day so you’re able to instill these qualities within yourself.

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