Wouldn’t it be nice to sail effortlessly through your intimate relationships? NO drama, NO fuss, NO frustration, NO fighting! All that exists is pure joy!

Well, over and over I’m amazed at how my Sister Goddesses take themselves out of the game. I’m talking about the game of life, romance, relationships and sex.
Let’s talk for real!
Everyone desires to be in a loving and fulfilling relationship, but more often than not, we allow fear and toxic patterns to get the best of us – we end up sabotage the very thing you want…LOVE and wonder what the heck happened!
If I can share one thing my lovelies it would be – Fear is nothing more than “False Evidence Appearing Real”. This is a profound statement my spiritual teacher would always tell us. It’s the false evidence our ego creates, in a twisted way, to make us think we’re safe. But I don’t have to tell you it doesn’t work.
Like a neon sign on 42nd Street, there are 3 toxic patterns many Goddesses fall prey to which ends up sabotaging their love life and relationships.
So let’s take a look…

Mistake #1: Holding Onto Outdated Beliefs that Bring You Down vs Lift You Up

Are you afflicted with the “Good Girl Syndrome”? It’s a set of beliefs handed down from generation-to-generation — from society to grandmother to mother to daughter (consciously or subconsciously) that has a strict set rules. These rules imply a good girl remains chaste, she shouldn’t enjoy sex for the sheer pleasure of it, to use sex as a weapon to manipulate (let’s be real Goddesses many of us do this), to be jealous is a healthy sign of love and the list goes on and on. And if you enjoy the pleasures of life (fun, frolic and sex), this would imply you’re bad. There ensues the conflict many women struggle to reconcile within themselves. And for goodness sake, we see these behaviors glamourized in reality TV.
If you’re holding onto this story, how is to working for you? I can tell you, many of my lovely Goddesses are confused and unhappy. They did everything by the book so why aren’t they fulfilled? It’s because the “Good Girl Syndrome” doesn’t work; it’s someone else’s imaginary belief you’ve adopted as your own because you think that’s what you’re “supposed” to do. These beliefs are based in fear and lack, so they will never feel good. Take your power back and define who you want to be for yourself! It’s from this authentic place, where you’ll attract and be in a satisfying relationship because you’re coming into the relationship being healthy, whole and complete. Your partner will compliment you vs complete you.

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Mistake #2: By Undervaluing Your Worth

Have you ever noticed when someone gives you a compliment, instead of accepting it with grace, you point out something you don’t like about yourself; does “I need to lose weight” sound familiar? We’ve all done this, including myself. In devaluing yourself, you unknowingly do 2 things; 1) you rob the other person of their gift of praise and 2) you rob yourself of feeling loved and admired. Why? Because you don’t value who you are. Many of us suffer from the “Perfectionist Disease”. I call it a disease because it creates dis-ease and disharmony in your life. No one, and I mean no one, is perfect. It’s a myth which is truly unattainable, so why do you chase after the impossible?
Trying to be perfect, undervalues the greatness of who you at this very moment. When you feel the grass is greener on the other side, you can’t see the value and worth of the delightful, soft grass that’s currently under your feet. You value your worth by loving who you are right here, right now. When you value you, other’s will value you. This is how the Law of Attraction works; there are NO exceptions.

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Mistake #3: Not Understanding How a Man Thinks

CEC_9566This is “Man Code #1”! In our Western society, many woman are brought up with the belief they have to compete with men and the only way to do this is by approaching people like a man. They’re falsely told it’s the only way to garner respect and have the gravitas they think they need. Goddesses, you were sold a lump of coal. Embracing your divine feminine, and your femininity, is the true power position of a woman. This “be like a man” belief may work in business, but many woman make the GRAVE miscalculation of bringing that belief in their relationships and the bedroom. All this does is create strife and a power struggle in your sea of love. What is truly needed is to understand “HOW” a man thinks. Contrary to popular belief, to get into his head is to get into his body and his heart. This is the seductive talent the Geishas and Courtesans knew so well. They were masters of the male mind. While other women were lamenting and pining at home, these women understood the male psyche and were able to sit in a power position taken very “seriously”. While some judged them, these women were influencing power, politics and business. These women may have seemed demure on the outside, but on the inside they were the true feminine strategist.

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Now that you’ve taken a look at these saboteurs, I ask you to be brave and bold as you kick these limiting beliefs to the curb. A happy relationship doesn’t just happen like waving a magic wand, it is cultivated by what you think, feel and give your energy to.
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A happy relationship doesn’t just happen like waving a magic wand; it’s cultivated by what you think, feel and give your energy to.  When you step into your feminine power, you’ll experience the deep love, intimacy and fulfillment you deserve. – Stacey Murphy

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