Since you’re in my sassy tribe, you know I’m always preaching from the roof top about living and BEING in you feminine energy, this is your true power source.  Now my confession! For the past 5-6 months, I haven’t always been living in my feminine.   In love and romance, my Vixenhood was humming along.  But in life, my Superwoman persona took over and took flight.  Last week, it all came crashing down.  I mean literally crashing down! One minute I was standing in my kitchen, the next, I fainted – dazed and confused as I found myself laying on my kitchen floor.  I dropped like a bag of bricks and knocked my noggin on my concrete floor.  As I’m typing this, I have a mild concussion.

Since last Wednesday, I’ve been experiencing a mix of emotions – fear, unexpected crying and confusion.   Wondering what my fainting spell was about.  As I said, I got sucked in by my old “Superwoman” mindset of thinking I can DO more and more and more.  Juggling all these crazy glass balls and thinking nothing would drop.  The thing that dropped was “me”.

  • Have you ever got caught up in life where it dragged you around and you felt trapped?
  • Have you ever thought to yourself, “My life is crazy busy, so many good things are happening you don’t want to slow down, because you feel as if you do, the goodness will stop?”
  • Do you ever say to yourself, “If I’m not DOING something, then I’m not being productive? And, if I’m not being productive then I’m not being of value?”

Behind the scenes, it’s been Crazy Town.  I got my house ready for sale, sold my house and moved out within a span of 3 months.  All while running a business, being a mom to a college student needing help more than usual and on-boarding new business team members.  I was like a one-woman show saying to myself, “I can do this.”, with my cape flying in the air.

Like a bullet train, my house sold faster than expected.  In 2 ½ days, I received multiple offers, so I had to vacate (like whiplash) and live temporarily with my guy for a couple of months sine my new home wouldn’t be available until January.  Some of you may say, “You were living with your man…that’s fantastic!”  He was the best…OMG! I’m so happy to have him in my life.  For that, I’m truly thankful.  But I felt displaced, living out of boxes and trying to run my business, yet I didn’t have my own home.  I was a Queen without a Castle.

I couldn’t even find my socks for goodness sake.  But I kept living in my masculine repeating “I can handle it”.  So I pushed forward (that darn masculine way of doing things again) with all my business deadlines, commitments and clients.

Over the months, I lost my appetite.  I just wasn’t hungry.  I’d go all day and not eat a yummy morsel until 3, 4 or 5pm.  Who has time to eat? When I had my annual physical, my Doc said my blood pressure was really high.  He looked at me and said, “You need to slow down.”  My head was saying, “I don’t have time to slow down. I have SOOOOO much to do and who’s going to do it for me?  You guessed it, I was STUCK in my masculine energy.

Fast forward, I’m enjoying my new home.  I took time off to move into my new castle, yet still feeling the pressure of deadlines and To-Do’s.   Last Wednesday, the day I returned to work, I ate the equivalent of (1) plate of food all day.  A day which started at 9am and concluded at 10pm when I walked in the door from teaching class.  Back to the fainting spell.  My tired happy ass was now home.  Did I mention I upped my supplements to help lower my blood pressure?  I was cooking a delicious meal and the next thing I knew, my head was ringing and my body felt massively dazed.  I hit my head on my beautiful concrete-treated floors.  I couldn’t even stand up.  I had to drag my sassy butt to bed.

The next day, I took Ibuprofen, drank plenty of water and had a full day of client sessions.  What the hell was I thinking?  I was still in my masculine. I didn’t tell anyone, because I didn’t want to worry them.  I wasn’t allowing anyone to help me…yet again, I was in my masculine.  I even got mad at myself for letting this happen…I was being in my masculine.  I was telling myself, “I have too much to do – launching programs, revamping my website, rebranding my business, working with new team members – I have so much to DO”…I was being in my masculine!

Then it struck me, figuratively this time, the Universe was giving me the 3 things I’ve been intending for the past 6 months which is to “live in ease, flow and happiness”.  Things were rocking & rolling, yet there was a huge BUT…

  • Living in ease and flow requires you to BE in your feminine, not DO in your masculine.
  • Living in ease and flow means honoring your capacity, prioritize and not feeling the need to juggle all the glass balls.
  • If I want to live in ease and flow, it’s not going to manifest by DOing more and thinking I can handle the “MORE” more easily, that’s not what it means to live in ease and flow.
  • AND, my body wasn’t happy!

So the Universe, our Law of Attraction partner in crime, said, “I’ve been trying to help you live in ease and flow, but you haven’t been listening.”

How many times have you ignored the very thing you KNOW you need to do?  Ignoring the change you need to shift, so you can BE happy, is foolish.  Yet, we do this all the time.  I just confessed how I’ve been not listening.  If you ignore the help being given, the craziness you’re dealing with gets louder and more difficult to handle.  This is part of the process.  My lovely, the Universe is trying to get your attention, so it will knock on your door louder and louder (in the form of circumstances in your life) to seriously get your attention so you can change the behavior (and belief) that’s causing you to live with pain, fear and anguish.  It’s our over-inflated egos that ignore taking the medicine we need.

The Universe had been knocking on my damn door for 6 months and I refused to answer.  I was blowing It off.  Silly me, I forgot how the Universe doesn’t like to be ignored, do you?  I went from, “I’m woman hear me ROAR” to “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”.  The Universe then asked, “Do you hear me now?”  And, to that I said, “Yes”.

As I teach my clients…

If you want more love, confidence and courage, the Universe will put people, places or a situation in your path so you can exhibit the very things you “say” you want.  This is how transformation works.  You can’t just wish love and confidence to come, you grow into it.

Wishing it, but ignoring the opportunity to finally demonstrate it, is the definition of insanity resulting in no change in your life.

So how do you get the change you want?

The answer! When the opportunity for change is presented to you, this is when you ACT versus sitting on the fence.  If you don’t take action, then you really don’t want the help since being a victim is more comfortable to you.  Many times we act when we shouldn’t, then don’t act when we should.

My fainting was a very LOUD knock on the door.  If I want to live in ease and flow for my true happiness, I have to start exhibiting it when it’s not easy.  If I wait for the calm to come first, I may be 6 feet under before that happens.  The time to allow it is NOW!

The same goes for you.

Remember, procrastination is a form of self-sabotage due to deep-seated fears.

I invite you to ask yourself the same questions I asked myself:

  • What “excuses” have stopped you from taking loving action?
  • What excuses have convinced you it’s better to stay where you’re at vs. ignoring the signs of help from the Universe?
  • Whose needs are you putting before your own?
  • Why are you putting your needs last?
  • What can you let go of, so you can BE more for yourself?
  • Is everything that important? What can (or who can) be downgraded, so you can upgrade your self-care which equals self-love?

How can you live in ease, flow and happiness?

  • What are the recurring patterns and signs in your life? Ready to kick them to the curb?
  • What is the pattern trying to tell you? This is the key to your vivacious liberation.
  • What help has been presented to you, but you’re ignoring it? Why? Your God, Creator or Source is sending you a life-raft, so why do you turn your back?
  • What excuses to you cling that keep you stuck in your story? (ie…I don’t have the time, I don’t have the money, I always seem to find something wrong, It doesn’t feel right to me)
    • Side note: Checking into your feelings is the first thing you should always do. However, some people use this as a crutch to not take the action needed.

Now, I’m looking at my circumstances with a new set of glasses as I’m seeing things differently.  Having this realization, has put a smile on my face, even as my head is still tingling.  Being an “A” personality type, I see this as a fun challenge to embrace.  How can I creatively live in ease and flow while maintaining a fantastic balls-to-the-walls life?

Hmmm…the answer revealed itself in an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as Tapping) meditation I’ve been practicing.  EFT works on the root cause of issues subconsciously.  It by-passes the ego brain.  In the video, the practitioner says, “I’ve been running too fast so now I’m slowing down and letting money catch up to me.”  Boom!  There it was.

I feared if I slowed down, then the goodness in my life would slow down.  Yet the real truth is, if I slow down, even more goodness will come in my life because I’m allowing myself to stop and smell the beautiful roses along the way! This is a form of gratitude.

I invite you to do the same. My Rockin’ Love Goddess Group Programs kicks off today and there’s still time to join this intimate group of divine women who have chosen to see the signs and take loving action.

If your brain starts to come up with objections (aka the “Itty Bitty Shitty Committee”), otherwise known as excuses or reasons to stay stuck, tell it this:

  • I don’t have the time!

    • You say, “There are only 12 group coaching calls every 2 weeks over 6 months. The calls are 60-90 minutes. I can do that.”  If you want to stay stuck, your ego will say, you’re not worth taking the 2-3 hours a month to receive the help to ease your life.
    • Compare this to how much time you spend watching TV, being on Facebook or the Internet? You’ll find out, you DO have the time.
  • I don’t have the money!

    • You think to yourself, “How much money have you spent on things you no longer use? Or worse yet, still have the tags on them? How much money have you spent on other people?  Or worse yet, a lazy no good lover sucked you dry then left? How much money have you spent on entertainment or recreation for a temporary high that was gone as quickly as it came?
    • What if I told you, PayPal can finance your transformation like a layaway plan? If you quality, you can have up to 36 months to pay it off.  How about that?  You’ll put furniture on layaway at Rooms-To-Go, so now you can do that with your transformation.  That’s if you really want to BE happy.
  • I’m too broken to change!

    • No one is too broken or undeserving to BE happy.
    • Ask yourself, “How long are you going to allow your ego to control you? Or, other people’s needs to keep you down and manipulate you?”

If you’re ready to exhibit courage, if you’re ready to take a stand for yourself, then review the deets of my Rockin’ Love Goddess Program and complete my quick form to see if the group program is right for you.  In my joyful embrace of ease and flow, we may be chatting while I have my feet up on my chaise lounge.

Here’s a special treat. Below is the “Healing From the Inside Out” Tapping video by Brad Yates I follow and I invite you to do the same.  The healing is here, now it’s up to you to embrace it.

The time is now, the Universe is knocking on your door.  Complete my quick form to see if the group program is right for you.

Have a Sassy Day!

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