• Do you know women who always seem to have a guy on their arm for any occasion?

  • A woman who seems to always be spoiled by men? They give her their time, attention, love, sex and money.

You may wonder, “I’m prettier, smarter or more accomplished than this other chic, so why can’t I experience that?”

  • Have you ever felt envy towards this woman or women?

  • Have you ever been so jealous that you talk trash about women like this and you may not even know them?

Here’s the simple truth lovelies – women that always seem to get the guy are High-Value Woman or High-Powered “Vixens” as I call them.  A V.I.X.E.N is a woman who’s Vivacious, Intelligent, eXtraordinary, Empowered, Naughty as well as Nice.  To men, she’s the complete package, because she embodies 11 Key High-Powered Vixen Qualities.  Qualities which my ladies learn in-depth in my Love Goddess Program.  Below, I’ll share 3 of the qualities so you can start to embody them today.  But you may be wondering “why” men desire, crave and trip over themselves to be with a VIXEN – it’s the same reason women want to be with a High-Quality Man.


High-Value and High-Quality are the same thing, they’re just expressed differently according to the way men and women think.  The male mind thinks in terms of value and women think in terms of quality. This is just part of our DNA programming.  So yes, men are from Mars and speak Martianese (I just made that word up), and women are from Venus and speak Venusian (Made that word up as well).  In order to understand men, we need to learn the Martian language.

Here’s a male inner truth, men value what they have to work to get

This is because it appeals to their competitive and conquering nature.

This is why a woman should:

  • Never throw herself at a man
  • Never give everything while he gives little to nothing, and
  • Why going dutch is foolish and doesn’t endear you to a high-quality man

You teach people how to treat you, and if you’ve done any of these things, you’ve made it too easy for a man to walk all over you! 

Men only value what they have to work to get.  If it comes too easy, they say to themselves, “If I can get all this without putting much effort, then any man can get this.  And, if any man can get this, then there’s nothing special about it.  So, it has no value to me.”

When men don’t see and feel the value you bring, then you’ll never receive the time, attention, love, sex, emotional connection and money you desire to experience with a man.  Ever heard the book, “Why Men Love Bitches”?  Now, you don’t have to be a bitch.  I find that rather distasteful.  I’m here to tell you “Why Men Love Vixens”!  Also, a Vixen isn’t a woman who’s high-maintenance.  You maintain a car and a house.  Many of you don’t go skipping gleefully to the mechanic, it’s like going to the dentist.  You do it, because you have to.  Otherwise, your teeth would fall out and your car would break down on some back country road without another human in sight.  A man doesn’t want to maintain a woman, because it feels like a job and chore.

A high-quality man has a deep desire to love, cherish, protect, support, sexually please and provide for a woman.

If this sounds old fashion, coming from a time that’s long gone, then you’re missing a valuable point.  Due to a man’s high levels of testosterone, it’s embedded in his DNA to want to protect, support and provide. Modern women have gotten this measure of a man confused with “he’s trying to own me” thinking which is why many relationships don’t survive or even get off the ground. To love a man is to know what makes a man tick.

A man will do all of this for a woman he values.  And, that’s a Vixen.

Here are 3 of the 11 key qualities, so you can start embracing the High-Value Woman/Vixen way of being.  This is the surefire antidote to the Good Girl Syndrome.

Key Quality #1: A woman who knows she’s more than enough.  Since she’s authentically herself, she’s loved for who she is. 

Why It’s Important! This makes you confident and relaxed when interacting with men.  A man sees your confidence and subconsciously says to himself, “Hmmm…we have the makings of being a POWER COUPLE”.  You feel happy to show who you are versus trying to morph into what you think other people expect of you.  In everyday life, this gives you the ability to exude intoxicating charisma which allows you to command a room and be persuasive. My Vixens learn to value who they are, to flush out their inner demons, so they can be a magnet of attraction to a high-quality man.

Your Sassy Assignment! Celebrate what is wonderful about you and praise your past success.  This is a technique (I teach in my Love Goddess Training) of how you can transform any fear and resistance. If you can’t do this for yourself, you can’t expect a man to do it for you.  List the activities, or times in your life, when you’ve felt the most authentic. Are you still involved in these activities?  If not, spend more time in these activities so you feel more alive. You will see on paper that you’re more than enough.

Key Quality #2: A woman who knows what she wants and can take initiative without being overbearing. 

Why It’s Important! Knowing what you want, and having the confidence to express this lovingly, is intoxicating to a man.  This is especially so if your words are wrapped in the sweet melody of your voice.  What I call the “Vixen Voice”.  In the Love Goddess Training, my ladies learn this technique as they learn to express what they want.  Women who aren’t abrasive in their communication style are able to achieve, receive and do more than their counterparts who are overbearing.  Being overbearing is a trait of high-maintenance women that can be demonstrated by being very needy and clingy or by being controlling.

This may surprise you, but a needy woman and a controlling woman are both insecure women, they just demonstrate their insecurity and sabotaging behavior in different ways.

Your Sassy Assignment! Practice the technique of Effective Intimacy Communication, using your Vixen Voice, where you have a proactive and positive conversation with a person.  Your conversation focuses on “I” statements.  You share how you feel, and what you desire to experience with the other person without making them feel responsible for your feelings. I teach this formula to my clients, and they practice with me, so they know how to communicate with impact and confidence which is extremely sexy.

Key Quality #3: A woman who’s physically uninhibited, adventurous, and loves intimacy and sex

Why It’s Important! Long-term relationships succeed because they’ve successfully balanced the “4 Pillars of Love”: Mental, Emotional, Physical and Sexual.  To have long-term harmony in a relationship, you need to be fully present in all 4 pillars.  Women are quite comfy in the mental and emotional since these are the domain of your estrogen hormones.  However, when you’re able to scale the mountain of the physical and sexual, ruled by testosterone (a man’s domain), this is power!  Sex is natural, sex is good, and man yearn to have deep passionate toe-curling experiences with you.  This is pure Nirvana.

When a man feels he’s met a woman who can experience the deep throws of passion with him, he feels as if he’s hit the jackpot.  Combine this with keys 1 and 2, and to a high-quality man, this is priceless.

Your Sassy Assignment! Learn the Art of Seduction in my Love Goddess Training, where you’re trained to be a charismatic leader by day and an enchanting lover at night, and you can learn to be the CEO (Chief Erotic Officer) in the Bedroom, in my Sex Kitten Mastery Program. The feminine power definition of seduction is – a woman who has the keen ability to entice someone to do something they want to do anyway, because they create a safe place for them to come out and play with them.  In this place, people feel safe to be vulnerable, taking off the mask they show to the world, which allows you to see their authenticity.

To master the seductive arts, 5 things have to happen:

  • Rock your feminine power
  • Be comfortable with your body
  • Be flirty, fun and charismatic
  • Master the male mind
  • Be the CEO (Chief Erotic Officer) in the Bedroom

Lovelies, when you decide to be a VIXEN, a woman who’s Vivacious, Intelligent, eXtraordinary, Empowered, Naughty and Nice, you’ll then be a woman who always gets the guy!

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2 Comments on This Type of Woman ALWAYS Gets the Guy…Is It You?

  1. Pearl
    November 29, 2018 at 3:17 AM (4 years ago)

    Have really learn alot

    • Stacey Murphy
      December 4, 2018 at 3:08 PM (4 years ago)

      I’m glad. My goal is to share authentic truth to empower you in your relationships vs holding onto a fantasy that has left many women dissatisfied and frustrated.