One day I was singing the praises of this brave voice on Facebook.  A woman bluntly said “No man wants to be handled” and so many women got mad and pissed off.
On the flip side, women are constantly asking me, “How can I get a good man”? So why did so many women become up in arms when this brave soul shared such profound wisdom? That’s because it’s easier to believe the problem rest with someone else, rather than spring clean their own closet. Women will spend hordes of money on hair, makeup and clothes, but won’t spend the time or money on clearing out their emotional closet that will deliver everlasting love.
This is the million dollar dilemma. At one point in my life, I was mired in this dilemma myself until I recognized the answer was smacking me in the face, but I was too blind to see it.
Then I realized 2 things had to happen if I wanted a man to commit–
1) I had to love the sensual side of me, and
2) I had to understand this divine creature called “Man”.
This is when my self-study in man wisdom began.  I had to figure it out on my own, but at least you don’t have to.  So I’m going to take you on a journey into Man Mastery, where I’ll share several brief lessons into understanding men.

There are 2 important reasons you want to do this:

  • To finally have harmony in your relationship leading to a HAPPY long-term commitment, AND
  • To STOP sabotaging yourself so you can have a successful relationship with a man
So for today, here’s lesson #1.
The Man Code (How to Understand Men in Relationships)
Check out this short video lesson or you can read the rest of the article below…

Man School Lesson #1: The “Man Code”

Many women would pay good money to know the secret formula to figure out men. If I could put it in a bottle, or pop it in a pill, I would be rich. Well, I have the next best thing. The women in my Love Goddess Program and Man Mastery Bootcamp know there isn’t a pill or potion, but I teach them how to transform their feminine essence into the most powerful and potent love potion there is. It starts with the Man Code.

The Man Code Formula is this:

Mental Stimulation + Sexual Attraction/Arousal > So He Feels Good = Physical Intimacy + Emotional Connection
The formula is very simple – when you know how to confidently stimulate a man’s mind, leaving those mental breadcrumbs for him to follow, this makes him curious and eager to want to know more…ABOUT YOU!  When you combine this with the mesmerizing essence of your feminine charms and confident sexual expression, this makes a man feel good when he’s with you. This quickly leads to the physical intimacy, emotional support and soul level connection you crave. This is the Holy Grail to understand men!

To get into a man’s heart, do you know —

  • How men view LOVE?
  • Do you know how men handle their EMOTIONS?
  • Do you know why SEX leads to bonding for men?
  • Do you know what will make a man open his wallet for YOU?
If not, the Man Mastery Bootcamp will teach you this and more, so you feel confident in your relationships with men versus stepping into relationship landmines.

Here’s my coach’s challenge in how to embody the Man Code:

1) Accolades of Appreciation (Mental): Men respond more favorably to words of appreciation for the things they DO for a woman.
  • How to Get into His Heart: Make a list of all the things you appreciate about men and share how these acts of love and appreciation make you feel. This connects the mind to the emotions. Don’t fall for a guy who’s all talk and inconsistent action – talk is cheap, but action speaks volumes.
2) Show Your Sassy Side (Sexual): Men are intoxicated by a sensual woman who is comfortable with her feminine grace. Men are turned on when they know the woman is aware of her powerful essence and chooses to use it.
  • How to Get into His Heart: Make a list of how you are or desire to be, as a sensual woman. I want you to have fun and suspend fear, judgment or guilt for a moment. Each week, focus on bringing one of these elements to life. A good place to start is to buy yourself sexy undergarments. French women do this all the time. They buy the sassy lingerie for themselves to feel good. Wearing something slinky puts a pep in your step and a swagger in your hips. If a man has the benefit of seeing it, that’s the cherry on top.
If you desire to go deeper in truly understanding men, let’s talk.  Man Mastery is how you get the commitment you want and long-term harmony in your relationships.  Say goodbye to sabotaging behavior and empower yourself >> Click Here!

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