The number one question I hear most often is, “How can I be more appealing and mesmerizing to men?”  In our day and age of technology and how-to books, you would think the answer could be found easily, but for many it hasn’t.
If I were to tell you the answer is rather simple, would you believe me?  Men aren’t as complicated as we make them out to be.  A man who’s confident in his masculine nature will see what he likes, pursue what he desires and in the end, enjoy the spoils of his conquest.  I know this sounds very “Game of Thrones”, but even in our high-tech world, this primal nature of men still exists, but in a more refined way.  A woman that’s able to confidently fascinate men, is a woman who embraces her feminine nature.  This is the symbiotic nature of the masculine and feminine – the essence of yin and yang.
You fascinate men with your Attitude, Intellect, Beauty and Sex.  This is where you align your inner and outer self.  Many women want to solely focus on the inside, your attitude and intellect.  However, this is looking at the glass half full, which in turn leaves many feeling stuck.  I’ll be honest, men are usually first attracted by what they see, this is sheer biology.  So we can’t ignore this simple biological fact of attraction.

So ladies, here are 4 juicy secrets to fascinate men:

  1. ATTITUDE: Simply put, your sex appeal is anchored in your Feminine Power.  This means you love all of your womanly traits, womanly behaviors and womanly feelings.  This is the realization that you’re a sensual passionate woman. You don’t see these as liabilities, but as juicy assets.  Why? This is who you naturally are as a woman.When you’re authentically living YOU, you are happy, joyful and live with an attitude of possibility.  You look for what is good vs. what is wrong.  You look at       life from a place of growth vs. something that needs to be guarded.  When a     person exposes a genuine aspect of themselves, and they show their authentic       self to you, how does that make you feel?   This is the very thing that will fascinate men with you.  
  2. INTELLECT: Any man worth his weight in gold desires to be with a woman who has a sharp mind, wit and intellect. This is hypnotic to men, because it demonstrates your confidence, which is an aphrodisiac.  Having an acute mental prowess, without being overbearing, allows you to transport your Lover to many planes of existence.  The Geishas of Japan knew this well.  Not only were they skilled in the erotic arts, they were also masters of understanding male behavior. When you understand how a man thinks, and what makes him tick, you elevate yourself to being a woman that will fascinate men
  3. BEAUTY : This is about taking pride in how you look!  Please understand this isn’t “superficial” nonsense.  And please don’t mislead yourself by thinking the outer packaging doesn’t matter, because it does.  How you express yourself on the outside is a direct reflection of how you feel on the inside.  This is the case if your everyday attire consists of sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt or manufactured “beauty” that.  You want your outer beauty to reflect your inner beauty.  You’re tapping into your radiance.  Rocking what you have and reclaiming your WOW factor will give you the ability to fascinate men
  4. SEX: Boldly proclaim you “LOVE and ENJOY sex”!  Sex is good, sex is natural.  Sex is that 3 letter word you should passionately embrace.  Being in your full sexual glory also demonstrates your self-confidence.  Let me ask you?  If sex was something to be fearful and shameful of, why would it feel so rockin’ toe-curling good?  If we are divine Beings, created by divine design, then sexual pleasure is to be celebrated not denied. This is this basic ideals of Tantra.  Shame keeps you in a state of bondage and insecurity.  Tapping into your sexual expression will awaken your body giving you the ability to fascinate men

My lovely Queen B’s, these are the 4 juicy secrets guaranteed to make you fascinating to men.  Now it’s time to take some sassy action and ROCK ON!

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Click here and complete a Discovery Session Form for my Rockin’ Love Goddess Program.

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