by Stacey Murphy

You ask, “Stacey, what do I need to do to get a good man? Or, things with my man are OK, but I want them to be better. I’m frustrated and I feel lost. What can I do to capture a man’s attention and hold it?”
My answer – Stop loving a man like how you want to be loved – instead love a man how he wants to be loved!
Here’s the million dollar question, if men are from Mars and women are from Venus, why are women trying to love men as if they’re from Venus?
The key to understanding the vast terrain of Mars (men) is the Man Magnet Blueprint (Or, King Code). I’ve talk about this often, so now I want to take you behind door number one (mental stimulation) and share some tasty morsels.

The “Man Magnet Blueprint”

Mental Stimulation + Sex Appeal & Sexual Attraction > So He Feels Good =

Physical Intimacy + Emotional Connection

If I were to ask you, what’s the first thing that came to your mind when you read “Mental Stimulation”? What was it?
Spoiler Alert! Was your first thought “sex”? When I ask this question, 9 times out of 10, women say “sex” and that’s far from the truth. I’m all about sex, passion and juicy love – I’m a Certified Intimacy Coach. And yes, men are very sexual and easily aroused. But, if you throw sex at a man thinking that’s how you’ll capture and keep his attention, you’re only dealing with half a deck. You have to stimulate his mind to keep him coming back for more.

Here are the 4 Keys to Stimulating a Man’s Mind:

  • Be a High-Value Woman: This is a woman who knows she’s more than enough. Since she’s authentically herself, she’s loved for who she is. She knows what she wants and can take initiative without being overbearing. Bottom line, she’s a confident woman comfortable with her femininity and exudes genuine feminine power.
I teach my Love Goddesses the 11 Key High-Value Woman Qualities – when you embody them, men will see you as an asset. High-value women know how to balance their inner masculine and feminine qualities. You know the saying, “behind every successful man is a strong woman”. I’d like to update this to say, “Beside every successful man is a strong woman”.
  • Understand How a Man Thinks: I call this “Studying the Essence of Man”. One of the paths of the high-value woman is the ability to understand the inner workings of men and their elusive codes. Think of the “codes” as a set of general, yet consistent beliefs. Most of which are subconscious behaviors.
When a man encounters a woman that understands how the male species ticks and tocks, this makes him pay attention to you. He’ll say, “You don’t think like other women”. News Flash! When a man says this, he’s giving you a compliment. He’s telling you, he doesn’t have to play mental gymnastics to relate to you. He sees you as a connection between equals.
  • Eliminate Sabotaging Behavior: In order to capture a man’s mind and heart, you have to be aware of the little Gremlins (sabotaging behaviors) lurking in your thinking which pushes men away.
An example of sabotaging behavior is thinking a man can read your mind. This is when a woman doesn’t communicate what she wants, yet expects her man to figure it out. When he doesn’t figure it out, she gets angry. This leads to drama, drama, drama!
To effectively eliminate sabotaging behavior, you have to understand how men think, recognize the sabotaging behavior within yourself and then replace that behavior with what I call the “Seductress Mindset”. This is a set of beliefs and behaviors grounded in confidence and your feminine power.
  • Engage in Sensual Banter: This is the final piece of mentally stimulating a man. Like I’ve already mentioned, the high testosterone levels in men make them very sensual and sexual creatures. So a woman who has the confidence to tempt and tease a man’s mind in this juicy way draws him in. Like a Genie in a bottle, her words are a sweet elixir he can’t resist.
A woman in her feminine power also won’t get her panties in a ruffle if a guy starts making sexual innuendos. She has the skill to flex her seductive muscles to deflect the comments without putting him down, yet putting him on notice of her boundaries. A man will actually respect you more. This takes confidence!
Let me ask you, how are you going to embody this wisdom in your love life to either attract a man or keep the one you got?
Start Here:
  • Identify the chronic (challenging) patterns in your last 2-4 relationships or current relationship?
  • How well do you know how men think?
Now that you know the 4 keys to “stimulate a man’s mind”, what’s your plan to embrace and embody them so you can experience juicy love?

As a Rockin’ Love Goddess, you learn to own your personal power and rock the qualities to seduce men with confidence and integrity.

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