Ladies, ladies, ladies…why do so many of us feel hopeless when it comes to love?
Do you feel frustrated that your relationships go nowhere? Do you lay awake at night wondering if love is meant for you? And when you talk about commitment, do you find the men step on the breaks and runs as if their hair is on fire?
If you’ve experienced any of these love sucking patterns, it’s very likely you’ve been making these 2 mistakes.
  • Mistake #1 – Not Understanding Men

  • Mistake #2 – Trying to be the Man in the Relationship

Let’s start to solve your single’s crisis…

Mistake #1: Not Understanding Men

If you believe knowledge is power, when you don’t make a conscious effort to understand men, you’re operating at a significant disadvantage. A quality man is learning what it takes to attract a high-value woman. So if you desire to be with a quality man, it’s important for you to understand them.
From my coaching practice, I come across countless women who repeatedly make too many assumptions about men, without really knowing anything about them. Big glaring RED FLAG! Think of it logically, you don’t just wake up and know how to drive a car or operate a computer program, you have to learn something first. The same goes for men, because they are wired differently.
Part of understanding men, is to accept their true nature without getting mad about it. You’re essentially saying, I don’t accept you as a man BUT you better accept me as a woman.
The secret to being a powerful man magnet is to understand the nature of men in the Four Pillars of Love: mental, emotional, physical and sexual. Think of them like legs of a chair. If one of the legs is broken, when you try to sit on it, you will fall since it’s not balanced. The Four Pillars of Love works the same way. They need to be balanced in order to have relationship harmony.
A man magnet knows and accepts the true nature of men, so she learns to embrace and navigate it (skilled at drawing men in) versus fighting, resisting and being angry about it (which repels men).
When a man experiences a woman who understands him, in his mind, he’s saying “she understands me, she gets me, I can be myself around her, and man…I really WANT to get to know her”. When a man WANTS to do something, he goes for it. There is absolutely no convincing needed. A manipulator convinces. A Seductress allows.

Mistake #2: Trying to be the Man in the Relationship

A quality man won’t commit to a woman who’s trying to out-man a man.
The Universe is wise and made women naturally alluring as the perfect complement to a man’s natural instinct. This is sheer biology of how the estrogen and testosterone hormones play with each other. When the natural balance is disrupted it causes relationship upheaval, power struggles and long-term instability because the four pillars of love aren’t in harmony. So like a broken chair leg, it won’t properly support you and you fall.
Men crave to experience the natural essence of a powerful woman. This means, men yearn to experience YOUR charm!
This is what I teach my clients and students today – to master amazing self-love, you bask in your divine feminine power and love the “essence of man”.
Women by nature are emotionally intelligent, nurturing, sensual and alluring. We were created this way to be the perfect balance to men. This part of the mating ritual exists in every species. Yet with all of our technology and perceived intellectual intelligence, women have psyched themselves out of embracing their natural essence as women. What makes us powerful, has gotten demonized. This has created generations of self-loathing women.
When you make the conscious decision to love YOU, you will be the woman men will pursue and fall madly in love with.
To be in your feminine nature as a high-value woman, three things have to happen:
  • You have to passionately embrace your feminine energy
  • You have to appreciate a man wanting to experience your feminine nature
  • You have to embody the mindset of creation vs denial
Your feminine energy is: Gentle Power, Open, Welcoming, BEing, Receiving, Nurturing, Receptive, Soft, Delicate & Sweet (think of sweet as honey), Collaborative, Fluid Structure, Vulnerable, Alluring and Captivating
When you’re in your feminine energy, that doesn’t mean you can’t be strong or firm. It means it shows up as taking initiative with gentle powers of persuasion. It means being open to an egalitarian relationship. It means you’re able to confidently share your needs, wants and desires without apprehension. You see the difference vs a woman who is pushy, aggressive, bossy and rigid.
When you make this a practice, it will help in raising your self-love and confidence. And my divine ladies, confidence is a major aphrodisiac to men.

As a Rockin’ Love Goddess, you learn to own your personal power and rock the qualities to seduce men with confidence and integrity.


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  1. Deena
    November 16, 2016 at 4:33 AM (7 years ago)

    Hey, that post leaves me feeling folhosi. Kudos to you!