In the next phase of your transformation journey, I will guide you through an in-depth exploration into the 6 essential steps to transform your deadend unfulfilling relationships TO attracting happiness, joy and fulfillment.

“In order to have the relationship you seek, you must first BE that relationship. We’ll discuss how you can attract the relationship you desire through your thoughts, emotions, words and behavior. You’ll be given practical information and steps to manifest the man and relationship you WANT! When you’re in alignment with your intentions, the Universe is in alignment with you.”

The Results You’ll Achieve:

  • Receive a TRANSFORMATION in your “Love Life”!

  • Manifest the man of your dreams or supercharge the relationship you’re in

  • Get clear and decisive about what you want in a partner and relationship

  • Heal old wounds and unload toxic patterns that have prevented you from manifesting a fulfilling relationship

  • Awakening Your Inner Lover by knowing and loving “Who You Are” within a relationship!

  • Rekindle trust, love and sexual intimacy within an existing relationship

In this 10 Module Program, we will take a deep dive into these 6 Steps…


Declare What You Want

  • Foundational Coaching: Thoughts Become Things

  • 3 Words to Eliminate From Your Vocabulary & Their Replacement

  • Elimination of “Stinkin’ Thinkin’ Syndrome”

  • 21 Day “Love Challenge”


Get Clear By Eliminating Toxic Patterns

  • Learn the Importance of Getting What You Are and What You Feel

  • Learn the Skills to Take Out the Trash of Old Baggage, Hurts and Past Relationships

  • Turnaround Negative Self-Talk into Empowering Beliefs of Creation and Affirmation


Keys of Self-Awareness


  • Learn to BE Bold and to BE Confident

  • You Will Learn to Focus on What’s Working and Great About You!

  • Learn to Love Without Fear of Getting Hurt and Developing the Courage to Do It Anyway


7 Key Building Blocks to Manifest Your Man

  • The Relationship Wheel & It’s 7 Points of Attraction

  • Learn How to Identify Key Elements in the 7 Key Life Areas. What they look like, feel like and DESIGN the experience you WANT to have!Learn to Write a Powerful “Relationship Proclamation” to Call Your Man to You!

    1. Mental

    2. Emotional

    3. Spiritual

    4. Physical

    5. Sexual

    6. Financial

    7. Social


Relationship Proclamation

  • Learn to Write a Powerful “Relationship Proclamation” to Call Your Man to You! Or, shift the energy of the relationship you’re in

  • Effective Communication Tools


Visions of LOVE


  • Create Your “Manifest My Man” Vision Board

  • Create Your “Altar of Love”

Now it’s time to take the next step of EMPOWERED ACTION! Contact Stacey below to schedule a powerful “Passionate You Discovery Session”.

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