Are you struggling to attract (or keep) a high-quality man?

Have both your love life and career left you unfulfilled?  

Is your relationship with men and money the same?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions... 

Find out HOW in this proven game-changing program that teaches you how to OWN your FEMININE GENIUS!

Love Goddess Program! 

Which is… Confidence training in the art of seduction and charisma from the bedroom to the boardroom. A Vixen treatment for the WHOLE WOMAN!

  • Harness your natural womanly charm to command the attention of any room you entered (with ease)
  • Forget about the insecurity and self-consciousness that once went hand-in-hand with dating?
  • Escape the never-ending need for approval from others because you are SO in-tune with your talents and self-worth? 
  • Sit back and enjoy being adored and pursued by men who you once thought were unattainable?  
  • Surround yourself with positive people who have a vision and direction for life and take action to achieve their dreams? 
  • Learn the seduction skills needed in order to have a more juicy love and sex life?
  • Attract and maintain a relationship that stands the test of time, if you so choose?
  • Exude amazing charisma in the workplace (or your business), therefore attracting all kinds of new professional opportunities to you?  

This is all possible for you, no matter your age, size, background, or current relationship status.

I’m like a personal trainer, but for your love and sex life.

NOW, I'm a proud introvert, but growing up, I had low self-confidence. 

I went from experiencing toxic love in my 20's from an abusive relationship TO being a woman who is deliciously spoiled with time, attention, love, and more from a select high-quality men.

I’ve broken every stereotype or reason women use to explain their ho-hum life. I went from 25 years in corporate America to being Boss Lady of my own business for nearly a decade. And now, I’m teaching you the very same things to move you forward.

Since then, I have worked with thousands of women all over the world, helping them gain a new understanding of their self-worth, a new and healthier view of their sexuality, and the power they possess to attract a first-class life!

“Before working with Stacey in the Love Goddess Program, I was very constrained by my "good girl" upbringing. As an introvert, I felt quite hopeless about my inability to connect with men. Now I feel at peace having care and attention lavished on me by great guys because I DESERVE it. Also, I've noticed that EVERYONE experiences me differently. This has affected my career in a positive way as my new found confidence helped me manifest a new job paying me $50,000 more...Truly AMAZING!" 

- Jane Oldham, Sydney, Australia

In 6-months, you’ll learn 13 step-by-step modules that will teach you to: 

  • Embrace your unique feminine genius allows you to live life more easily vs struggling with masculine energy that may be sabotaging your success.
  • Heal any old wounds, limiting beliefs and toxic patterns that have prevented you from being an authentic high-value woman.
  • Teach you powerful flirting skills making it easy to command a room and a man’s attention.
  • Teach you how to use your womanly charms​,​ professionally and personally​,​ to be authentically persuasive. 
  • Develop a powerful presence to be more persuasive and influential with men (professional & personal).
  • Teach you to break the cycle of sabotaging behavior, ​and effectively communicate, as you stand proud in your feminine power.​​ 
  • Teach you to exude amazing body confidence and accept your divine femininity. 
  • Teach you to master the High-Value Woman (​​Vixen​) mindset to start learning HOW men think so you capture a man's mind. You can mesmerize his heart ​as you're being seen, heard, and taken seriously.
  • Hone your attraction skills to hook a high-quality man ready to commit and spoil you like a Queen! 
  • Teach you to rock your charisma and self-confidence (critical for networking) giving you the potential to increase your income by 4% OR MORE.
  • Assess your relationship with money and learn what's been holding you back.
  • Teach you how to operate from a place of prosperity, therefore attracting more quality men AND money into your life! 
  • Create your OWN WEALTH action plan to get you on the path to the lifestyle of your dreams.
  • Ultimately take CONTROL of your life and your surroundings!
  • Learn ​charm​ school basics for AMAZING confidence & poise​: Love Goddess Persona Development (Sexy Secret Identity), Art of Flirting (Wooing)/Body Language Techniques, "Vixen ​Voice" Training, Art of Sensual Talk!
Yes, I'd like to find out more!

“Before taking Stacey's course, I had good self-confidence, love and sex life, but I knew there was more to explore to have a deeper awareness into me as a feminine powerhouse. Since being in Stacey’s Rockin’ Love Goddess Program, people find me much more intriguing, and the mental stimulation part of the program was huge and increased the level of intimacy with my partner.”  

- Angela Van De Riet, Nova Scotia Canada  

When you enroll in the Love Goddess program, you will receive INSTANT ACCESS to this kickstart training! This is the foundation of HOW you VALUE yourself on the inside and it shows up in your self-talk. It asks, "Am I good enough?" And, how YOU value yourself is how others will value you. Upleveling your self-worth is Step #1!  

You will be coached to master:

  • How to eliminate toxic relationships because they are sabotaging your success.
  • How to rock your self-worth by transforming the story in your mind.
  • Break free of the victim mentality and the "Why me?" blues.
  • The tools to mentally reprogramming yourself to embrace "I am enough."
  • Erecting healthy boundaries by learning the "Power of NO."
  • Make friends with the "power of vulnerability", the key ingredient to authenticity.
  • Embrace the "Warrior Goddess" within to purge and eliminate anger and fear.
  • You will receive a very special "Love Letter" honoring your worth!


  • Your "Self-Image" is HOW you project your value to others!
  • You will understand the "Science of Manifestation" to transform your relationships.
  • You will reprogram any limiting beliefs you hold concerning your self-image, confidence, being loved, seductive women, and being a Vixen.
  • You will get laser clarity of which beliefs are outdated and ruining your happiness vs helping you.
  • You will create new beliefs that are in alignment with your true desires and who you desire TO BE!
  • You will re-write your "Self-Image Story" with your new empowering belief to flex your Vixen muscles.


  • Confidence is the key to attract your King because confidence is SEXY!
  • You will learn how to powerfully transform negative self-defeating thoughts (Buzzkills) into magnets of attraction (Vixen Power).
  • You will become self-aware of the "language of doubt" and how to turn this around with knowing the language of "self-empowerment".
  • You will eradicate any "stinkin' thinkin'" and transform those sabotaging thoughts as you reprogram your subconscious mind.
  • Using technology, you will learn how to automate your self-love!
  • You will begin your 21-Day Self-Confidence Challenge.

“Before working with Stacey, I didn’t have much, if any, confidence in my ability to attract the kind of man I really wanted. Through Stacey’s coaching, I definitely know I’m good enough and worthy of love. These aren’t just words anymore, I truly feel and believe it now. As for my love life, I am so much happier with my dating life. As I was working with Stacey, I met a great guy that I’m moving forward with. We’re still going strong 4 years later and I firmly believe he’s worthy of me (and vice-versa).”  

- Kari Kifer, Pittsburgh, PA 


  • A high-quality man is LOOKING for a high-value woman to commit to!
  • You will learn how to BE in your powerful feminine energy vs defaulting to masculine energy.  
  • Learn the 10 Key Qualities of a high-value woman to uplevel your "stock value".
  • Learn how to master the 10 high-value woman qualities in your daily life. You will prioritize and focus on the qualities that need development within you.
  • You will also be introduced to examples of powerful independent women who are also divinely feminine. Proving you can BE powerful AND feminine at the same time...The quintessential "Lipstick Feminist"!


  • You are your personal brand, so what do you stand for?
  • You will develop your Love Goddess Persona from the inside-out.  This isn't make-believe!
  • You will develop how your persona thinks, her personality, her attitude as well as her sassy style. Embracing for the first time a holistic YOU!
  • You will develop a vision of your persona as a charismatic leader by day as well as a Vixen at night, so you remain grounded and consistent.
  • You will also use your persona to breakthrough long-standing fears and resistance.


  • Your Love Goddess persona gets LIT UP!
  • You are going to revamp and develop your signature style to exude the power of your Love Goddess persona.  
  • You will learn to love this evolved version of you and your new style.
  • You will be given a head start with various "style and make-up guides" that are in alignment with your persona.
  • You will receive insight on how to enhance your body shape, and wear color with confidence.
  • Using aromatherapy, you will learn how to develop your signature Love Goddess scent (aka "love potion"). Destined to allure anyone that catches a "whiff".


  • You will discover how the male mind works (the KEY to commitment) and how to get the emotional connection you crave!
  • You will learn the TOP "Man Codes" of how a man thinks and how high-value women navigate a man's mind.  
  • You will acknowledge, and become aware, of your sabotaging behavior, THEN...
  • You will embody powerful high-value woman mindsets to halt any crazy-making sabotaging behavior.
  • You will learn how to radically transform the gremlins of resistance, insecurity, and envy to set yourself free to love fully.
  • You will receive a checklist of "High-Quality Man Attributes" so you can recognize your King when he's standing in front of you.
  • AND, you will learn the powerful "Effective Intimacy Communication Formula" that will teach you how to communicate your needs, wants, desires, and frustrations in an empowering way allowing you to OWN YOUR VOICE!

“Before working with Stacey, my self-confidence was very low. I was struggling hard with my work life and love life not understanding why I could not attract a quality man. Since working with Stacey, I manifested a new job which was a $25,000 pay raise and tremendous benefits. Then I attracted an amazing man and we've been together for years then he popped the question in October 2020 AND we're engaged NOW! The biggest shift for me was embracing my feminine as I learned how to understand and relate to men. Made all the difference."  

- Jennifer Walker, Atlanta, GA 

At this point, you will be on your way to harnessing your divine feminine genius. NEXT UP: you're going to learn the art of flirtation and persuasion. 


  • Your Love Goddess Persona will be prepared for action as you learn to flirt from the waist UP!
  • You will learn how to effectively use the primary element of communication, "body language", and the Body Code.
  • You will learn how to authentically flirt with your eyes, face, hair, hands, and MORE!
  • You will also identify your flirting language and your flirting style.


  • Your Love Goddess Persona will learn to flirt from the waist DOWN!
  • You will learn how to authentically flirt with how you stand, walk, and sit! NO MORE duck walking!
  • You will also learn how to use various flirting props to plant breadcrumbs of intrigue in a man's mind...Oh La La!

“Stacey gave me the tools and knowledge through my journey of transformation to experience the inner peace and freedom of what it is to own my power of sexiness. I was finally able to drop my sabotaging behavior and instead feel sexy, beautiful and sensual in all I do. With my new sexy self-confidence, I was able to go after and land a new job paying me $20,000 more! Love you girl!!”  

- Rebecca W, Tampa FL  


  • Now you are going to give your Love Goddess Persona a VOICE that will mesmerize and hypnotize.
  • You will kick things up a notch as you seamlessly put your look, your brand presence, your mannerisms with your voice.
  • You will hone your "Vixen Voice" skills to create a sweet melody uniquely YOU!
  • You will learn the sassy part of mental seduction with different types of sensual and erotic talk.
  • You will learn the same formula erotic authors use to compose their words of desire and intrigue so you can use it in real life.  


  • A high-caliber man will SPOIL a woman who has an abundance mindset because TOGETHER they can be a Power Couple.
  • You will get clear about your relationship with money and any beliefs that may be holding you back.
  • You will learn to make love to your money as if it was a man!
  • You will remove your money blocks with a personal money assessment.
  • You will clearly understand the difference between an "abundance mindset" versus "lack mentality" and how it's showing up in your life.
  • You will transform your "money story".  


  • You will strengthen your money intelligence and take control of your money!
  • You will develop your WEALTH ACTION PLAN!
  • You will learn how to apply your plan to all areas of your life.
  • You will learn how and WHY you need to uplevel your "Circle of Influence" to surround yourself with people that can motivate you to think BIG. 


  • This is where your career or business will get a sweet makeover!
  • You will discover your ideal business and career style, and what's most compatible with you!
  • Utilizing your Love Goddess persona, you will learn where to meet the "Circle of Influence" that aligns with your style. This can also put you in the ideal environment to meet a high-caliber man.
  • If you choose, you will start to map out your NEXT business or career move. 

Once you've completed the Love Goddess program, you'll unlock this additional BONUS training. Dating Diva focuses on using everything you've learned and put it into action!

  • This training brings the joy and fun BACK into dating where you'll want to date vs feeling like an obligation.
  • You'll examine two different dating mindsets and how they either enhance or sabotage your dating success.
  • For your dating adventures, you will learn my 3-Course Art of Dating.
  • In the First Course, the "Appetizer", you'll learn to make a memorable first impression when you meet a man.
  • You will learn how to emphasize your "approach" and demonstrate your feminine genius.
  • The main elements in phase 1 focus on: Your stance, being able to "read the room", walk with juicy confidence, and how to start leaving those delicious breadcrumbs that awaken a man's senses.
  • In the Second Course, the "Dinner", you'll learn to hook your man and reel him in.
  • You will learn how to weave in mental seduction and your feminine charm, the first 2 building blocks, to capture a man's attention. You're leaving those mental breadcrumbs in a man's mind.
  • The main elements in phase 2 focus on: Conversation, flirting above the waist, and your Vixen voice.
  • In the Third Course, the "Dessert", you'll learn how to make a lasting impression. You will learn how to escalate the thrill of the chase, leaving him craving for more, as you assess if you want more.
  • The main elements in phase 3 focus on: Your persona, eye-contact, conversation, Vixen voice, your feminine charm, and flirting below the waist.

With all of the skills learned in this program, you can reclaim your feminine genius and be irresistible to those around you in life and love.

"Sometimes the power to ignite your life is just beyond your reach. That's what I was facing before working with Stacey. Since working with Stacey, I'm able to take my life to the next level, to be really authentic and expansive in the world. Now, I'm dressing as, acting like, and being seen as an uber-feminine Goddess. I would most definitely recommend working with Stacey, you won’t regret it."  

- Em Richter, Toronto CN

1) Is this training worthwhile if I’m still healing from a painful breakup? 

Yes! The training will help you heal faster from the breakup. Or, give you the courage to end a toxic relationship. You will learn to be a powerful woman, with amazing self-confidence, allowing you to attract a High-Quality Man with ease. 

2) What if this just isn’t a good time? I’m too busy right now. 

Our society is rapidly changing so you have to be prepared to stand out NOW! There will always be something we have to do, so we end up putting our deepest needs on the backburner. This is the precise energy that attracts a man who won’t commit. Or, why you feel stuck in your job or career. Women ready to own their worth take empowered action to change the circumstances in their life vs waiting. 

If you want a man to commit to you for a lifetime, then you can commit to yourself for a few months. 

3) If I haven’t dated for a while, or I’m currently not dating, will this program work for me? 

Heck Yes! This program is created just for you. It’s never failed that at some point in the training, men just spring up for the women in the training. So they have a stable of Stallions on who to practice this dynamic training on. This program is perfect if you’re just getting into the dating game, if you’re returning to the dating scene after a long siesta or if you’re dating someone and you want to make sure you don’t mess it up by falling into sabotaging behavior. 

4) How is the Love Goddess program different from others out there? 

This program merges the principles of the Law of Attraction with the Art of Seduction. Many of us are familiar with the law of attraction, but unfamiliar with the art of seduction. The other side of seduction is charisma. Charisma is key in being a powerful leader and leaders are the ones who earn the money! Other programs just focus on the fluffy-bunny stuff, but this program is about real life and addresses the key issues that break relationships up… that being, lack of understanding each other, money & sex! 

5) Is it worth the money? 

According to women who have taken my program, they said, “Yes”. Ladies, let’s be real, we spend money on temporary highs – clothes, hair, nails, eating out. This program isn’t a temporary fix. An investment in you produces a lifetime of benefits and highs. My clients have increased their annual income by $20,000, $25,000 and $50,000. So, is it worth the money? 

6) What if this doesn’t work? 

Is what you’re currently doing working for you? If you said, “No”, then you need to shake it up and do something different that HAS WORKED for my clients. If you’re fishing in the same pond, but expecting different results, that’s the definition of insanity. This isn’t a book or YouTube video, you’ll be working with a coach who has years of successful helping women to THRIVE.