Do you live in ecstasy? Or, do you wonder where all the joy has gone? Of course I’m talking about the joy of love, romance and sex!

In the past, dysfunction described, and to a large extent, still describes our societies attitude about sex. This created a closed-door, fearful and sometimes shameful attitude which has kept many people, especially women, from learning about their own sexuality, as well as the sexual needs of their partner. Many turn to the mass media to teach them about sex, so how do you think that’s working? Is it working for you? Or, do you desire to know more?

I’m glad to say our society is undergoing a positive, cultural shift toward openness and honesty when it comes to discussing sex. We’re slowly evolving into a sex-positive culture, and Blissful Lotus is honored to be part of this dynamic movement by helping women (and their partners) explore sexual solutions and intimacy enhancement in their everyday relationships.

Through education and commitment to female sexual health & pleasure, we are committed to demystifying the secrecy surrounding sex in order to promote a healthy & healing dialogue of wholeness and respect.

For too long, women have been afraid to openly talk and ask questions about a basic need, the medical community is finally starting to acknowledge is a part of a healthy, fulfilling life…sex. Blissful Lotus is dedicated to providing in-home party experiences that create a safe environment where women feel comfortable to ask questions about intimacy and sexuality. Today’s woman is ready to reclaim her sexuality in a loving and compassionate way; and Blissful Lotus is here to be your romance guide.

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