dreamstime_m_41940355As we reflect on the events happening in our lives and the world we live in, have you ever pondered, how can we stabilize and enhance our lives? We ask you to consider the powerful stabilizing energy that is love.

One thing that’s guaranteed in life is change, and CHANGE is your mantra, the call to usher in something new and different. Yet, many of us choose to hold onto outdated ideas about our intimate well-being.

Blissful Lotus invites you to follow the path of love and embody the Sensual Being in You. We bring to you the School of Loving Arts, an educational resource where intimacy and relationships are an art form and you are the Sensual Artist. We invite you to envision yourself crafting a masterpiece. We invite the spiritual seeker to weave a conscious union with the Divine. This is a path of self-discovery, beginning by loving yourself which is the first tool of the Sensual Artist. Self-love and self-nurturing is necessary to truly love another, and for this person to see the love within you. Our gift to you is fun and honest communication that celebrates the whole being that is sensual, empowered and loving.

As mentioned in “The Secret”, to truly manifest your desires, you should follow your bliss, follow your joy and the path will open before you.

The mission of Blissful Lotus is simple; we desire to enlighten, to be an inspiring voice in the area of women’s sexuality and conscious relationships. This may raise some eyebrows, but across the country, women are experiencing a conscious shift toward claiming their personal power in the areas of intimacy and sensual expression. This expression is coming from a place of inner-knowing and authenticity. Women and couples want to know how they can create a heightened sense of intimacy in their lives?

Orlando now has a resource for women and couples, of any sexual-orientation, to openly talk about their intimacy needs in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Orlando now has a resource for couples to strengthen their bonds of intimacy through conscious communication. You will be able to enhance your intimate encounters by learning instructional erotic education like the Oral Arts and Self-Pleasuring to the integration of the Eastern Love Arts of Tantra and the Kama Sutra.

The artistic pursuit of passion is more than technique. You will learn how tapping into the energy of love creates a ripple affect of joy in all areas of your life. You will learn to be a conscious co-creator in your relationships, and you will learn how to use this life energy, bliss energy, to heal yourself.

Together we will awaken your Sensual Artist, create a life of infinite joy and bask in the bliss of the Loving Arts.

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