In all of the Man School lessons so far, it’s been an exploration in understanding the mental and sexual nature of men. This is what makes a man feel good about himself when he’s with you.
In turn, this quickly allows a man to trust you and be emotionally available to you. With this trust, he opens up to the physical and emotional intimacy that a woman craves and this can happen at lightning speed.  It can take 1 month or 1 year.  That depends on you!
So when I mention the word seduction, what comes to mind? Be honest. Seduction isn’t a 4-letter word. Seduction is known by many names – charm, charisma, personal magnetism and gravitas. Who doesn’t want that?
Here’s a paradigm shift for you. Whatever you thought about seduction, throw it out the window. Here’s what I want you to try on instead.

Seduction is having the ability to authentically entice someone to do something they WANT TO DO anyway. You do this by providing a safe place for a man to come out and play with you.

Seduction is about making the other person feel good in your presence without expecting anything in return.
So ladies, this is what men truly crave in a high-value woman:
  • A woman who has the confidence to unleash her feminine whiles to transport him to nirvana. He sees this as a gift given to him, so he cares for it with honor and respect.
  • A woman who is able to mesmerize him with her body by embracing the lusciousness of her femininity. Her smooth skin and womanly curves remind him of how gentle life can be. He sees this possibility through you.
  • A woman who knows how to arouse him with her senses. This makes him feel like the luckiest man in the Universe. To men, having a woman who’s open to sharing her sensual side is a badge of honor.
  • A woman who understands the true nature of men.   This allows him to be a man, which gives him the freedom to spoil you as a woman. In this space, men feel as if they’ve found the missing link. Women soften and comfort the nature of men. This nurturing energy gives men the inner peace they crave.
  • A woman who can let her hair down by being flirty and fun. This is adult playtime. Not only does this make him feel good, but you’ll feel yummy as well. It’s a reminder to not take life so seriously.
If you embrace my pearls of wisdom, not only will you be in a juicy relationship but this will attract a man ready, willing and able to commit to YOU! Now it’s time for you to take some yummy action to bask in this juicy love!
You’ve learned 3 of the Man Magnet skills, so in this video tip, you will understand skill #4 — what the “Emotional Connection” looks like to a man.  If you try to PUSH this too early in a relationship, men will exit the door, but at least now you’ll know why.

If you want to fast track yourself into a man’s heart, then the Man Mastery Bootcamp is a way to do just that.

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