CEC_8971Many believe knowledge is power and this certainly holds true in understanding men. This is why in today’s lesson, I’m going to share a nibble of the 6 male behaviors I teach the Vixens in the Man Mastery Bootcamp.
Knowing these behaviors will give you the mental prowess to capture a man’s mind.
I want to be clear, you don’t have power over men. There’s something called “free will” that comes into play.
You have power over yourself, your choices and not giving into fear-based thinking. You also have the power to entice men with integrity.

Here are the Top 6 Male Behaviors AND in the video tip below, you’ll learn what Physical Intimacy means to a man:

Testosterone Rules

Due to their high levels of testosterone, men have the innate need to conquer and hunt. This is why the “Thrill of the Chase” is important in the Game of Love. Men treasure and respect what they have to work to get. If it comes too easy, they give it less value because they feel anyone can get it. This is why desperation tactics can blow up in your face; men find them SO unattractive (unless they’re desperate themselves).


Men want to be impressed and admired.  This is part of the mating ritual in the animal kingdom, which we’re card-carrying members. The men who are the most impressive usually get the girl. It’s a sign of their worth, but more importantly, it makes them feel good. This is where their competitive streak, pride, and bravado comes from. So let a man dote over you and allow him to impress you because you’re telling him you’re worth it.

Power of Appreciation

Did you know this is one of the key secrets to how men love?  You learn this and more in the Man Mastery Bootcamp.
The male brain places achievement and appreciation in high regard. For some, they place this above love. Many men are “DOers”. To them, their actions say, “I love you, I care for you, I need you and I want you”. A man who doesn’t feel appreciated doesn’t feel loved. Appreciation breeds love and loyalty, two key elements for long-lasting love.


Men can detach and place things in compartments. Men are logical by nature as a means to control their world and emotions. Many times this gets misinterpreted as not caring or having a lack of emotions, but this is the furthest thing from the truth. The male brain organizes life in compartments to best navigate and understand it. To them, this brings clarity to minimize chaos. My advice to you, “Keep It Sassy and Simple”!

Senses Know Best

Testosterone is what makes men more primal. They naturally have a more powerful reaction to what they see, taste, touch, smell and hear. This carnal aspect of man drives them to experience life through their senses in a profound way. Back in the day of hunting and gathering, this served men very well to provide for his family. This is still a driving force in men, it’s just demonstrated differently in our modern society. This can be overwhelming to some woman who don’t understand. But for the women in my Man Mastery Bootcamp, they embrace it.

Eye Candy

A man’s primary sense is SIGHT. This is why men are so obvious when they admire a beautiful woman walking down the street, ask their woman to wear sexy lingerie and watch porn. Yes, even porn. Porn is entertainment to men, just as romance novels and erotic fiction is entertainment for women. Unless he’s a sex addict (this does exist), eye candy is part of a man’s primal nature vs a personal affront to woman. So ladies, don’t take it personally.
Also, in this video tip, you’re going to learn what “Physical Intimacy” means to a man.  It may not be what you assume.
If you want to take your Man Mastery skills to the next level, let’s chat about it.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Go to Lesson #4 in the Man School as you’ll learn the Art of Seducing Your King.

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