dreamstime_m_54788853Are You Suffering from the “Good Girl Syndrome”?

According to author Lisa Sussman, “There’s nothing wrong with being a nice girl. You’re every man’s dream, right? Continue being the girl he’s proud to take to his company picnic. On the other hand, if you’re a little too nice in the one place where it pays to be naughty, we’ve come to the rescue.”

This Program is For:

  • Women who want to continue to be a “Lady in Public, but a Vixen in Bed”
  • Women who want to transcend inhibitions that block them from exploring past missionary
  • Women who want to empower their sexual voice and experiences

This Program Will Cover:

  • Overview and Discussion of “What is Sexy” 
    • Clarify what is sexy to you
    • Discuss where you are in your sexual expression
  • The “Keys” to Sexual Liberation 
  • Discover and Unlock Your Inhibitions:
    • Most common inhibitions
    • Transcending inhibitions
    • Breaking down the walls
    • Setting boundaries
    • Role-Playing
    • Releasing inhibitions exercise
  • Develop Your Persona 
    • Sex Appeal Worksheet

If your interested in Private “Sex Kitten Training” to bring out the Tigress in you, contact Stacey below.

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