Get Him to Commit is a 4-week series for professional women who desire to ‘Crack the Code on Men’ to finally receive the COMMITMENT they deserve.

Why This is Important! So he will always trust your counsel first!

  • Learn what a Confidant is and isn’t.
  • Know why you want to BE your man’s Right-Hand Lady.
  • Know the importance of knowing HOW to think like a man while being an amazing Lady.
  • Learn how the mind is a direct link to the heart.
  • Know the ‘Love’ Implications of being a Confidant for NEW & EXISTING relationships.
  • Be aware of the ‘Confidant Buzz Kills’ that cut the love cord.
  • Learn how to ‘inspire’ your man’s trust to position yourself as his Confidant.
  • SPECIAL NOTE! Training Length: 90-minutes | The Q&A/Coaching: 2 Hours
  • Learn how to BE a ‘man expert’ to ATTRACT or KEEP the One you Love >> Click Here


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  1. Complete the session form (take about 10 minutes), THEN
  2. You will be directed to schedule your session with Stacey

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