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Today we’re on Man Code Video #5 and I hope you’ve been enjoying the training videos.

These tips were intended to help you overcome damaging habitual behavior so you can be in harmony with your man vs living in chaos. Knowing how a man thinks isn’t about changing WHO you are, it’s to give you the necessary knowledge to better understand how to relate to men. This allows you to experience the deep love, bond and connection you’re looking for.

If you’ve found the tips in this video training series valuable, you have the opportunity to take a deeper dive into captivating the male mind by purchasing my Mastering the Man Code Home Study Program.

The Home Study Program Includes:

(All Downloads Are Yours to Keep)

  • (5) Man Code Tips Videos

  • (1) Man Code Audio Training (50 min)

  • (1) Man Code eBook (PDF Format)

  • (1) Man Code eBook (eReader Format)

  • (1) Man Code Workbook


  • Male Perspective: Yes, He needs his bro-mance and enjoys games of chance and sports

  • Female Sabotaging Behavior: Women who doesn’t care to know, learn or engage in sports and thinks it’s silly

  • Empowering Seductress Mindset: Women who are knowledgeable in a “Traditional Male” game or sport knowing he’ll be a proud peacock

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