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I’ll be the first to say I feel men and women have been sold a bill of goods when it comes to intimacy and sex. In American society, when it comes to gender and sex, we send mixed messages. We use sex to sell everything, yet we can’t have an intelligent conversation about. In our homes, we say to boys, “boys will be boys”, “he’s sewing his wild oats” and most boys will get a “thata’ boy” when they lose their virginity. So men grow up believing sex feels good and to go after it. HOWEVER, when it comes to girls, we do a 180 telling our little Princesses to “keep your legs closed”, “wait to have sex when you’re married or in love” and if she loses her virginity at a young age, she may be labelled “a slut”. So women have this split-personality view of sex that’s either romanticized or avoided. These mixed messages create chaos in relationships and our intimate connection with each other being a disservice to both men and women.

No wonder we’re a society of unfulfilled, sexually frustrated and confused adults. We’re still trying to figure out how to related to each other in a healthy and empowering way. So many men learned sex from porn and many women didn’t learn anything about sex because they were trying very hard to be a “good girl“. This has created a mixed bag of intentions concerning sex.

Because of this, many women have fallen into the confusing trap of the “Good Girl Syndrome”. So in today’s lesson, we’re going to talk about sex baby…


  • Male Perspective: Men enjoy sex for the sheer physical pleasure

  • Female Sabotaging Behavior: Believing all sexual activity comes with a full range of emotions and uses sex in a negative way to manipulate

  • Empowering Seductress Mindset: Takes pride in being a sex kitten and uses sex in a positive way to entice

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