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One day I was talking to my friend commiserating how I felt fat, bloated and unsexy. I just felt plain “Blah“. I was going on-and-on about my “blahness”. When I was done, my friend said to me, “If you feel fat, then what does that make me?” You see, when I was in full “pity party” mode, I was totally oblivious that I was complaining about feeling fat (being a size 8) to a friend that was plus-size (around size 20).

This was a major wake-up call for me, because here I was going on-and-on about feeling fat yet being totally blind to the reality of my situation which was, I wasn’t fat, being bloated is a part of life and feeling unsexy is a state of mind.

If you’re honest with yourself, we’ve all done it – complained our breasts aren’t perky or they’re too small or too big, our stomach isn’t flat, our butt may be too big (I was a culprit of that one), or we may have too much cellulite. When men hear us ruminate about this and many times they don’t see what the heck we’re complaining about, they’re thinking…“OMG…what is up with this woman? OR She’s going to be high-maintenance because she’s so insecure”. So Vixens, we’re going to take a look at this female sabotaging behavior now…


  • Male Perspective: They don’t ruminate about how they look

  • Female Sabotaging Behavior: Constantly complaining about their body image & size

  • Empowering Seductress Mindset: Embraces her womanly physique regardless of size. Rocks what she got!

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