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Have you ever found yourself victim to this line of thinking?

You go out on a first date and you think it went well. Now you’re expecting him to call you the next day, but he doesn’t. Oh No! You start asking yourself, did I do something to turn him off? Did I read the date wrong? Did I move too fast or too slow? Was he expecting something more?

Another day passes and you start to get angry because you feel you got taken for a ride. You say to yourself…

“He’s not interested in me”. Your phone rings later that night and it’s him. His voice is pleasant and sounds happy, but you’re pissed now. Your tone is short and you sound annoyed. The exchange is awkward because you’re wondering what the hell took him so long to call you back. He can tell you’re annoyed, but he doesn’t know why. So he cuts the conversation short, but before he hangs up, he tells you the following, “He waited a day before calling you back because he didn’t want to seem too pushy since you mentioned that turns you off. He thought the date went great, but by your reaction he can see you feel differently”.

Have you ever run into a situation where you allowed your mind to run a muck, to create some fantastical story that got you all wired up before knowing the full story? Then, you get the rest of the information, now you feel like a fool.

Well, many women have the tendency to over-process a situation, creating a mountain out of a molehill and this female sabotaging behavior drives men crazy. Listen to today’s lesson to see how you can avoid this crazy pitfall.


  • Male Perspective: Men don’t worry about every little thing

  • Female Sabotaging Behavior: Women who over-process about too many things and create mountains out of molehills

  • Empowering Seductress Mindset: Women who are confident in their choices and remember “simple is best”

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