Unleash the Seduction Goddess Within You

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Description: This sassy little book will help you to unleash the Seduction Goddess within you that’s screaming to come out and play.  Your guide to tap into your sexy self-confidence and working with your innate feminine charm with integrity and in an authentic manner befitting of a High-Value Woman who deserves a High-Value Man.  You will uncover:  The Seductive Mystique, The Benefits of Seduction, Weaving Your 10 Yummy “DARES” of Seduction, Be His Waking Fantasy, Discover Your Seduction Goddess Archetype, Create Your Seduction Goddess Persona,       Mesmerize with “Your Mind”, Mesmerize with “Your Heart”, Mesmerize with “Your Body”

1 review for Unleash the Seduction Goddess Within You

  1. Tori

    IJWTS wow! Why can’t I think of thnigs like that?

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