How Hot Are you - Ms PerfectDAMN girl!

You are one tough cookie. Strong and confident in your work. Head high and shoulders back, moving through life like a QUEEN B! You are a charismatic leader by day who can stand on her own two feet AND lead a team of people to success. In fact, there is nothing you can’t do!
And… that doesn’t always feel good to men.
It’s fantastic to be so put together, but the challenge lies in the fact that those traits, while admirable, identify very heavily with masculine energy. So the signals you are sending out? Tough. Intimidating. Too much to handle. Yikes. Our romantic partners want to feel needed. They want to feel that THEY can add something valuable to you, can pleasure you, can help you.  When night falls, they want to see you as their enchanting lover– soft, feminine and sensual.  Even though you may have the money, you don’t have the man.
So, what’s a perfect woman to do to stay strong AND soften up all at once?
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