Vixen Sisterhood

Stacey Murphy, Your Man & Money Coach

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Finally, you have a place to come out and play, to embrace your feminine power, in supportive sisterhood, to hone your budding charisma and seduction skills.

The Sisterhood is for YOU if you want to OWN YOUR POWER, if you want real guidance beyond reading an article or a book. If you want a life line to a coach to help you attract more men & money in your life. If you want to feel supported as you navigate the crazy field of love with a cost effective option to get you going...

Now you have the chance to JOIN ME LIVE every month! Your resource to all things love, sex, men and money!

Membership Includes – 

  • Develop your lifestyle, relationship and money goals and membership in the Vixen Sisterhood will keep you accountable so you can achieve results! 
  • (1) Monthly Group Vixen Mastermind Training. Stacey & a guest expert will provide special training that aligns with the juicy monthly themes.
  • (1) Monthly Vixen Jam Session Group Coaching Call. Get your love, sex, man & money questions answered in this laser-focused coaching call with Stacey.
  • Special access to the Vixen Man Panels. To get in the head & heart of men, these high-quality men will share the secret man codes so you can do just that.
  • 15% Savings with my Adult Retail Partner Fairvilla Megastore
  • 15% Savings and exclusive Early Bird offers on Vixen Academy Programs (not available to anyone else)
  • Special Savings on the 2018 Vixen Lifestyle Cruise (coming November 2018)
  • Special invitation to the Vixen Lifestyle Facebook Group for connection, community and support
  • (1) $250 Discovery Session gift card





6-Month Total, $210* 

(*) Membership automatically renews monthly. You can cancel at any time. Billed monthly.

6-Month Total, $180* 

(*) Membership automatically renews Quarterly. You can cancel at any time. Billed Quarterly.

Total, $150 (Best Value)! 

(*) $60 savings vs monthly = 2-MONTHS FREE! Membership automatically renews every 6 months. You can cancel at any time. Billed Semi-annually.





  • January: SELF-LOVE (Upgrade YOUR life)
  • February: SELF-LOVE (Confidence...the most powerful aphrodisiac)
  • March: MAN SCHOOL, Part 1 (Exclusive! Man Mastery Boot Camp)
  • April: SEX APPEAL (Be Simply Irresistible)
  • May: FLIRTING, Part 1 (Discover Your Flirting Style)
  • June: FLIRTING, Part 2 (Get Your Flirt On)
  • July: DATING (Exclusive! Dating Diva Intensive)
  • August: MAN SCHOOL, Part 2 (Man Panel Access)
  • September: MAN SCHOOL, Part 3 (Be a Man Whisperer)
  • October: MONEY MAVEN (Be a "Goal" Digger)
  • November: SEX KITTEN (Rock His World)
  • December: A Special SURPRISE!


1-Month ($35/mo)

3-Months ($30/mo)

6-Months ($25/mo)