The SirenVa Va Voom!

You are sexy, passionate and feminine. You know how to woo a man … and how to drive him crazy with sudden emotions! There is a deep and beautiful thing about being so in tune with your feminine essence but you’ve got to watch the tendency to be too open, too giving. This back and forth between sensual and emotional tends to attract that same indecisiveness in a partner who LOVES how much you give… until they call you ‘needy’ or ‘smothering.’
There is a balance that we have to strike between our seductive enchantress, our vulnerable ingénue and our strong and capable Queen sides.
That’s when we appear whole to our partners. That’s when we appear AND feel self-fulfilled. It’s that balance that says “I don’t necessarily need you but DAMN do I want you!” And that’s HOT.
As a charismatic leader by day, it’s important that you stand strong in your beliefs with a sense of self-assurance. And as an enchanting lover by night, you’ll want to hold an even balance of confidence and vulnerability, as the perfect embodiment of the yin yang energies. Balance is your challenge and your ticket to sultry love!  It’s about time you get out of Limbo Land.
So how do we hold onto our feminine essence AND send out a strong and confident signal?
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