The DamselI get it. You’ve been burned. And you’ve been hiding ever since!
You are letting FEAR run the show not just in the bedroom, but at work, in your social circles and probably everywhere else!
I’m curious if this fear is prohibiting your success at work as well, or just wreaking havoc in your personal life.
There is a charismatic leader AND a sensual lover inside of you just begging to come out and when people catch a glimpse of her, they are enchanted… and very confused when she goes back inside for weeks at a time!
You took this quiz, so there is definitely a loving and sexy part of you that’s trying to claw its way out through the layers of heartbreak and mistrust.
So what now?
How can you open up to love, to passion, to deep, connected sex without feeling like you are ALSO opening up to the possibility of pain, and drama and bullshit?
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