Mastering the Man Code


When you capture a man’s mind, you can mesmerize his heart.  This inside look into the male mind will give you the sassy advantage on the road to his heart.  This will give you added confidence when interacting with men and it will help you to eliminate any “sabotaging behavior” that snuffs out your chances at love.

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In this sassy home study program, you’re going to start embracing the empowering Seductress mindset by learning 5 simple secrets to capture a man’s mind so you can mesmerize his heart.  When you understand how a man thinks, you open the door for true intimacy and connection.

The Mastering the Man Code (Part 1) Home Study Program will include:

  • 5 Mastering the Man Code Tips Videos
  • 1 Mastering the Man Code Audio Training (1 hour)
  • Mastering the Man Code eBook (PDF version)
  • Mastering the Man Code Workbook


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