Seduction is a state of mind and a way of being – age is nothing but a number! True seduction is having the keen ability to entice something to do something they want to do anyway because you create a safe place for them to come out and play with you, rooted in authenticity and genuineness.
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Stacey Murphy is your Man & Money Coach, Author and Erotic Educator. 

Stacey teaches women the secrets to having it all – the man & the money.  Allowing women to be with men who will rock your world and spoil you like a Queen! This is done by teaching you to blend your desire for love, sex, men and money leading to a committed relationship with more money in the bank!
This is all achievable because Stacey helps women to be charismatic leaders by day and enchanting lovers at night – moving them from just surviving to where they’re thriving, so they can feel empowered, desirable and happy with who they are in life and love!
Stacey Specializes In:
  • Get Your Man & Keep Your Man Training
  • Feminine Charm, Personal Magnetism & Seduction Training
  • Intimacy, Sex Coaching & Erotic Education
  • Polyamory and Open Relationship Coaching

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