This 4-part series is for professional women who desire to

'BE More, LOVE More & EARN More'

Receive old-time wisdom that's been modernized for today's 21st-century woman. It's URGENT for YOU to stand in your feminine power!

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Stacey is your Relationship & Life Design Coach and a specialist in the "Feminine Arts" AND "Man Mastery".

Stacey considers herself a ‘recovered perfectionist’ who was slaying life the hard way with masculine energy.

NOW, I teach professional women, such as you, how to feel strong, feminine, and seductive in the presence of men. This allows you to authentically embrace your Queen status.

In 2021, due to her innovative approach, Stacey was listed on Yahoo Top 10 Love Coaches to look out for (US and Canada).

Agent Provocateur will give you morsels of wisdom directly from Stacey's highly successful Love Goddess Program. Stacey's clients have been getting engaged & married...


Why This is Important! Get your needs met because you’re taken seriously!

  • Learn the 'Verbal Elixir' of charm & persuasion and what it communicates.
  • Learn the (4) key components of effective communication
  • Learn the building blocks of 'Hypnotic Conversation'.
  • Know HOW to get a man to take you seriously.
  • Understand the 'Art of Persuasive Conversation'
  • Know the 'Bedroom & Boardroom' Implications!
  • Learn how to ‘hypnotize’ your man (authentically) to position yourself as 'The MAN CHARMER'!

Agent Provocateur provides a FUN and EFFECTIVE way you can step into (and harness) your feminine power. This power is so POTENT people want to take it from you!


Why This is Important! You set the stage for HOW you want to be TREATED and PERCEIVED!!

  • Learn the building blocks of TRUE Sex Appeal.
  • Learn the (3) elements that trigger sex appeal.
  • The Vixen Trifecta! The (3) qualities needed to exude amazing confidence making it easier for people to 'TRUST' you.
  • Understand the 'Outer Game' of sex appeal.
  • Understand the 'Inner Game' of sex appeal
  • Know the “Bedroom & Boardroom” Implications.
  • Learn how to ‘uncover’ your inner sex appeal.
  • Learn how to ‘inspire’ the treatment you want and deserve!

Agent Provocateur is your next step in learning how to OWN YOUR VOICE & OWN YOUR WORTH so you're taken seriously and experiencing more LOVE and more MONEY!

Why This is Important! Opens doors of opportunity which turn into more LOVE and more MONEY!

  • Learn how to leverage the (5) skills Stacey used to be the ONLY PERSON to get a one-on-one opportunity with actor Patrick Dempsey of Grey's Anatomy.
  • Learn the building blocks of your W.E.B. (Woman's Energetic Body)
  • Understand the '5 Elementals of Seduction'.
  • With the 'Fire Element', learn to weave the seductive power of 'Glamour'.
  • Know the ‘Bedroom and Boardroom’ Implications.
  • Learn what enchantment will open the hearts of men!

The Agent Provocateur training comes from Stacey's Love Goddess Mastery Program which has enabled countless women from around the world to be "Powerful Feminine Women" in the bedroom and boardroom...They have BOTH!

Why This is Important! It prevents the #2 reason relationships fail...MONEY Issues!

  • Learn the building blocks of Abundance &'s more than just money!
  • Learn the building blocks of being in a Power Couple relationship
  • Know how to 'inspire' your man to give...There are (4) key ingredients!
  • Know how to uplevel your prosperity mindset to attract both personal wealth and a high-caliber man.
  • Know the ‘Bedroom & Boardroom’ Implications.
  • Learn the powerful ways women inspire a man to open his heart!

"I was repelling men with my masculine energy and feelings of guilt. But those days are behind me. Once I embraced my feminine power, healed my pain, and had a real understanding of who men truly are, my relationship draught was over. I started dating again and I'm loving it. Attracting a suitor 9 years my junior and another who's pampered me with travel in high-style!"  

- Kim Lovegrove, Australia

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