Give Yourself the gift of LOVE & MONEY! YOU can finally have an AMAZING relationship with a man who will treat you like a Queen!

Yes, I'm Ready to Receive

Finally!! A training that teaches you HOW!

The Spoiled Girlfriend Program!

This program will give you the building blocks of HOW to authentically RECEIVE and be CHERISHED by men.


I'm an introvert who went from experiencing toxic love in an abusive relationship TO being deliciously spoiled by high-caliber men - authentically with integrity.

Since then, I have worked with thousands of women all over the world, helping them gain a new understanding of their self-worth, a new and healthier view of their femininity, and the power they possess to attract a first class life!

“Before working with Stacey, my self-confidence was very low. I was struggling hard with my work life and love life not understanding why I could not attract a quality man. I was making the same mistakes in life and love. Since working with Stacey, I've manifested a new job which was a $25,000 pay raise, I was able to buy a home, I met Mr. Right, he popped the question (Oct. 2020) and now we're ENGAGED!"  

- Jennifer Walker, Atlanta, GA 


"Get Clear AND Claim What You Want"

The Spoiled Girfriend mindset puts you in a position to get clear and ATTRACT what you want in life, and in your relationships. You're training your brain to be your strongest cheerleader vs. your worst enemy. 

  • Learn to Claim What You Want (The Courage to GO for It!)
  • Rock Your Self-Worth (To Value Yourself so Others Can Too)
  • Break free of the Victim Mentality (To Attract a Healthy Relationship)
  • Embody Money Maven Magic (To Attract Your Personal Wealth & High-Caliber Men)
  • Release Toxic People (People Sabotaging You)
  • Uplevel your Circle of Influence (People Inspiring You)


"You are WORTHY to Receive" 

Now that you're clear about what you want, you have the proper mindset to attract with ease. So now you will learn HOW to receive.

  • Embrace the Vixen Manifesto (Keep You Anchored in Your Worth)
  • Learn (2) High-Value Woman Qualities (Embrace Your Worth)
  • Know the Difference Between a High-Maintenance vs High-Value Woman (To Avoid Sabotaging the Relationship)
  • Discover Your Spoiled Girlfriend Personality
  • Learn How to Get What You Want (By Getting in His Head) 
  • Learn the “Way of the Stallion (High-Quality Men)” 
  • Match your Spoiled Girlfriend Personality with the appropriate “Rich Personality” types.  

"I was repelling men with my masculine energy and feelings of guilt. But those days are behind me. Once I embraced my feminine power, healed my pain, and had a real understanding of who men truly are, my relationship draught was over. I started dating again and I'm loving it. Attracting a suitor 9 years my junior and another who's pampered me with travel in high-style!"  

- Kim Lovegrove, Australia


"BE His IT Girl"

Whether you're a Free Agent or Coupled, you will invigorate your world and love life by being in the places and around the people that are in alignment with the lifestyle you DESIRE.

  • Determine your “Spoiled Girlfriend Lifestyle” in 3 key life areas: Business & Money: Get clear on your business style & Network Social Lifestyle: Uplevel your circle of influence to be with "People on the Move", and Romantic Lifestyle: Understand the different 'affluent/rich types' and which types are a genuine match for YOU.
  • Learn how to “Meet & Be Seen” by High-Quality Men and your desired Circle of Influence (Online and Offline) 
  • Complete your Lifestyle Development Plan (Your GPS to Success)


"It's Time to Seal the Deal" 

The moment you know how to ask, how to receive and how to seal the deal, is the moment you step into your Spoiled Girlfriend Power.  

  • Learn how to “Ask & Seal the Deal
  • Determine which “Spoiled Girlfriend” technique is your sweet spot
  • Learn the “Art of Persuasive Conversation”: Formula and Scripts 
  • Learn the 3 levels of Mental Seduction: From Charismatic (professional) to Erotic (personal)
  • Learn the “Art of Appreciation” (Shows Men Your Love)

30-Minute One-on-One Session with Stacey to Develop your 2021 Lifestyle Plan

You will receive $250 Vixen Bucks for the 2021 Manifest Your Man Group Program


"We had been dating for years, but before I would agree to get married, there were key things we needed to shift in our relationship. With Stacey's guidance in communication, consistency and overall self-worth so we could both fully show up in the relationship, we finally took the plunge and GOT MARRIED! What an amazing transformation. I have my Stallion and he's committed to this Vixen.  

- Katrina and Brent, Florida, USA